Kawasaki Versys.

I’m seriously considering buying one of these. I know it’s an “appliance” but it’s a nice appliance and truth be told I kind of need a bike that’s more like an appliance and less like an object of lust. Anyone wanna talk me out of it? Or not? My other choice is a Triunph Scrambler which does give me serious wood but I’d end up modding the hell out of it and it’d cease being my appliance and start costing me more than it’s worth. And I already have a bunch of bikes like that…

A seriously brutal motorcycle. Kawasaki MotoGP ZX-RR.

If some motorcycles are “hammers” and others are “knives” then this this is a surgical scalple on steroids. Kawasaki has always had a knack for building brutal looking (and performing) bikes. This GP bike is like the epitome of that philosophy. It’s among the most raw, brutish purpose driven designes I’ve ever seen.