Some Great Stuff from a brand new blog! Concept Bikes! A Ural Cafe Racer And Scrambler.

Great Imagination! I like it!  Someone send these to the folks at Ural! Here’s a link to the Blog. LOTS of potential here!  http://sketch-denis.blogspot.com/


Cafe Racer!

And here’s a bonus bike. a GSX1400 Cafe Racer Concept!

Bitchen Ural Sidehack wit a touch of wanderlust.

At the moment it wouldn’t be my first choice as a ride but it sure as hell wouldn’t be my last. This is the kid of ride that keeps kicking around my brain. I get the feeling that if I ever rode one that I might get hooked. A week in the mountains on this with some camping gear, a fishing rod and a camera… hmmm…

Ural Sidecar Wanderlust…

I’m starting a new post tag under the word “wanderlust”. I see a lot of great shots like this that are more about the journey than the motorcycle and I’m not going to pass them up anymore. What a great shot! Ural should use this picture in their ads… Oh and if you have any cool travel shots like this centered around a bike then please send them in! Preferably with a quick note on the trip/ride.


New blog over in the links…

Check our FAST BIKER over in the links.
“a blog for/about bikers that like to hit the throttle hard,instead of cruising slowly on the road. It`s about light,fast,hardcore choppers.”

Actually take some time and check em all out. There’s a lot of great stuff and great folks over there doing it up right! All Good stuff.