Reader Ride. Otstanding 1969 Bonneville Hot Rod!

Larry Edwards writes in:

Great site!!! I have visited MANY times while I collected reference material. Attached you’ll find pics of my ’69 Bonneville build that took place mostly in my dining room between early October and January. It’s not to the sanitary stage yet. Still doing shake-down runs but, I can’t hardly stop once I’m out on a ride without having a crowd gather around the thing. Then of course I spend the next hour answering questions and telling folks how it came together. Anyway, thought I’d share some pics with you. It could be classified as a “street tracker” I suppose but, as you will see mine doesn’t have any fiberglass on it. Mostly I figure it’s a hot rod and since I had to bob it and chop it a bit to get it to where it’s at, it may be time to begin a new classification or category of bike. I call be bike The Bopper.

Wow that’s nice. I mean Damm. And you’re right.  I’ve tagged as a Chopper/Bobber/Streettracker.   Hard to pin it down.

Thanks Much Larry.

Reader ride. Really Great BSA Custom From Dogtown Cycles!

Man oh man! These old Japanese and British Hardtails are really starting to grow on me.

Love the article in the Spanish mag – my bike is top of the page!!!  The only thing I could translate was “addictive blog” – it is!  My go to site while having coffee in the morning….  Keep up the good work.   Cheers!

My pleasure! Keep up the great builds!

Reader Submittal. A really Great Home Grown Honda Bobber!

I saw the pics of the finished bike over on ADV Rider and knew there had to be a good story behind such a cool build. So I pm’d the owner to see if he’s be interested in sharing a few details and I was not disappointed!. Thank You John! There’s a lot of personal touches and one-off parts in this one. It’s obvious that you’ve put some time into it. Thanks Again!

John Writes in:

Hey Steve,
I would be happy to share some info on the bobber I posted on advrider.  It started out as a 1974 CB750 which was hardtailed and tranformed into the bike you saw.  I have been working on it for 2 years it is almost done. I just need to finish dialing in the carbs.  It has been a pain since I use straight pipes and a open air intake.  Everything on the bike that is custom I built.  I do my own powder coating, except for frames since my oven is not that big.  I tryed to go with a minimalistic, clean, old school approach.  I am happy you like it.  If you have any other questions or want to see any other pics (I have a ton) let me know.

Here’s the Before and Build pics. That’s quite a save!

Another Briggs and Stratton Bobber from… Bob.

The build sheet:

Specifications For Black Briggs Bobber
Frame—————————Probably nos aftermarket hardtail from the 60s
Wheelbase———————58 in.
Rims—————————–18 x 2.15
Tires—————————–18 x 4
Hubs—————————–Honda 350
Swept Area——————–56.5 sq. in.
Brakes Loaded—————-8.8 lbs. per sq. in.
Curb Weight——————-300 lbs. / 200 lb. rider – 500lbs.
Rake—————————-25 degrees
Trail—————————–3 in.
Suspension——————–Leaf spring over leading rocker
Floorboards——————-24 in. Wide and 8 in. clearance
Lean—————————-35 degrees
Ground Clearance———–6 in.
Axle to Ground—————13 in.
Crankshaft to Ground——-11.75 in.
Handlebars——————–Lowrise buckhorns 31 in. wide with 5 in. rise on 3.5 in. dogbone risers
Grips—————————Anderson style
Engine————————-V twin ohv Briggs and Stratton
Displacement—————–34.75 cu. in. / 570 cu. cent.
HP——————————18 @ 3600 rpm
Torque————————-30 ft. lbs. @ 2400 rpm
Exhaust————————two into one header 1.75 in. auto
Drive Train——————–comet ind torque converter
Drive Clutch——————-44 c magnum
TQ Overall Ratio————-2.43 to 1
Final Drive———————428 chain sprockets/ 15t into 60t for 4 to 1 ratio
Speed————————–70 mph @ 3600 rpm
Frame Geometry————-Cloned from Indian 101 Scout
Steering Geometry———–Cloned from Indian 101 Scout

Update: Radical Custom Guzzi.

Damm that’s different! Maybe not for everyone but I like it. Found this over on ADV Rider with no other significant info.

Update: Well here you go then. More info about the bike and builder!  Thanks to all of you who e-mailed and commented with the info.

LOL UPDATE: Reader Ride. The Lilac Alley Speed Shop Honda Hardtail SL125! Very Trick Budget build.

UPDATE… Helping to provide a public service here at MPOTD:
From the comments: 
Anonymous said…

I love the bike but my bedroom overlooks Lilac Alley and would love it more if you didn’t race up and down the alley late at night and let it idle in the alley.sorry to be a pain but my bike sets off car alarms as well but I try and do that on other peoples streets…

Dan Noyola sends in this wicked little custom build. Did some hunting and found his blog!  Go HERE  for his blog build pics!  Now don’t be shy about sending me links to yor blogs and slideshows fand such!  I love these kinds of builds. This once again proves that imagination and creativity are more important than money. What a cool bike.

Dan Writes:
It was put together in a couple of weeks for a few hundred dollars for the Dirtbag Challenge.
My ladyfriend still rides it regularly.

Dirtbag Challenge sounds like a blast. Thanks again!

Update 3: Wicked Little 2-Stroke Yamaha Tracker-Bobber

Moving this to the top for a bit since so many folks had questions about it.

Update 3:  Found the build thread!  An alert reader over on ADV rider found the build thread on this bike. A lot of folks have been asking for more info so here you go!

From the comments (Thanks SakeRacer).  More info Here:

Sorry to Pipeburn. I didn’t realize it originated on their site. TONS of great stuff over there so check them out often.

My observant commentors make some good points about the classification of this bike. Tracker of Bobber? I see a lot of elements of both styles here and to be honest I’m not crazy about pigeon holing bikes all that much so lets call it a tracker-bobber. Whatever you call it it’s still freaking cool!

That’s got backroad fun written all over it.