Month: January 2011

Does anyone have any objections if I close down the old blogger blog?

I know some of you like to go over there for the links and to my utter amazement it’s still getting 800 to 900 site visits a day.  It’s mostly on content search I imagine but it it’s still surprising.   There’s a big honking message alone on the landing page directing people here but it keeps on rolling at a slow but decent clip.  Heck it does better than my s-2troke page and I post to that at least 5 time a week lol…


Anyway I’m in no hurry I just thought I’d put it out there and see if you guys still check on it for content or whatever.  I wouldn’t delete the pics.  If anything I’d make the libraries available on here for scrolling.  No rush.   Just looking for some feedback.


For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about it’s the former location of this blog over on blogger Here:

Fantastic Yamaha TX500 Cafe Rider!

Tyler Hammond sends in another beautiful build! He writes in:

Hello again,
I was excited to see my Norton on your blog….actually more like
honored to be among other cool bikes……then I realized I have built
other cool bikes over the years. So i have transfered some pics from
an old computer to forward to you.

This is a 1974 Yamaha TX500 twin. It never really sold well, but its
claim to fame was it was one of the first Yamahas with DOHC. I built
this bike originally about 12 years ago (in Yellow) then revamped it
about 8 years ago, before the customization it was in stock format and
my daily driver. Its still basically a stock bike. with the exception
of the exhaust pipes I made myself (sportster mufflers) . The Tail
light is a 1959 caddy. I added another disc brake to the original
setup with little fuss…I did convert the master cylinder to handle
the Dual brakes. The Seat was also a custom Job i did myself by
cutting up the stock seat pan and some fiberglass. The bike did get
the complete frame up rebuild including powdercoating the frame. I
sold this bike about a year ago after nearly 20 years of ownership. Of
course Having a Norton Commando in the Garage makes it pretty easy to
forget about this old girl.

The King Kenny Bultaco Metralla

Thanks To Jehu on ADV rider who wrote in his post:

This Bultaco sold for $20K a few days ago on eBay.

1971 Bultaco Metralla MK2 owned by Kenny Roberts. The story on this bike is Senior Bulto and the Barcelona Bultaco Club gave Kenny Roberts this bike as a gift at the 1994 Barcelona GP. This bike is new not restored. Kenny is trying to locate the picture of Senior Bulto giving him this bike. If he can find it the picture it will be included with the bike. Also included is a letter from Kenny stating the authenticity of this bike. The bike runs but the petcocks leak so they will need to be repaired. The frame and engine numbers match. Bike shows 76 km = 45 miles.