Fantastic Yamaha TX500 Cafe Rider!

Tyler Hammond sends in another beautiful build! He writes in:

Hello again,
I was excited to see my Norton on your blog….actually more like
honored to be among other cool bikes……then I realized I have built
other cool bikes over the years. So i have transfered some pics from
an old computer to forward to you.

This is a 1974 Yamaha TX500 twin. It never really sold well, but its
claim to fame was it was one of the first Yamahas with DOHC. I built
this bike originally about 12 years ago (in Yellow) then revamped it
about 8 years ago, before the customization it was in stock format and
my daily driver. Its still basically a stock bike. with the exception
of the exhaust pipes I made myself (sportster mufflers) . The Tail
light is a 1959 caddy. I added another disc brake to the original
setup with little fuss…I did convert the master cylinder to handle
the Dual brakes. The Seat was also a custom Job i did myself by
cutting up the stock seat pan and some fiberglass. The bike did get
the complete frame up rebuild including powdercoating the frame. I
sold this bike about a year ago after nearly 20 years of ownership. Of
course Having a Norton Commando in the Garage makes it pretty easy to
forget about this old girl.


  1. Gotta love that ’59 Caddy tail light. Brilliant rebuild of a rare bike. Makes me wonder what he may be planning for the Norton. 🙂

    1. Well, scroll down a bit more to see my Black Commando posted on this site a few days ago. I also have a hybred Norton that is in the works right now…but will post here when done.


  2. Nice clean ride, get rid of the whole ass end, fender taillight ect.cut the rear frame off.. one man’s opinion

    1. Yes i contemplated that for years…getting rid of the tail end. I built this bike way back before I understood the definition of cafe bike completely. But so many people loved the Tail light i just ended up leaving it alone. The bike has been out of my life now for over a year. Id like to see what the new owner ended up doing.


  3. Hey, Thanks for the comments.I no longer own this bike. For those of you that were asking..Here is a link of a 30 second video i used of the bike when i was selling it

    Thanks for the nice comments

  4. i am interested in buying a tx500 but im worried im a bit too tall at 6 foot four 200 lbs is this bike suitable for me ?

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