Month: October 2011

A sweet Enfield with a sidecar.

I’d love to own one of these for putting around the beach towns where I live. Maybe get a cool dog and put some goggles on him and just roll for a weekend. this’d definitely be the ticket.

and thanks to reader Martin Victor Alva who writes in:

Still old school, still beautiful!

A photo of our custom painted Royal Enfield Classic 500 with a sidecar. On sale at Classic Motorcycles LLC, Royal Enfield UAE and North Africa.

Thanks Martin! If it was closer I’d be tempted.

Another fantastic customized Chang Jiang from China!

Thomas from China writes in with another excellent custom from China! When I read this it reminds me how good we have it here in the US. There are more parts and shops and catalogs than we know what to do with and I still catch myself grumbling impatiently on occasion from impatience. The I see a bike like this built in a country where ther is literally almost no custom support structure and I have to just shut my mouth.

Quite frankly, this is an amazing build all the more so because of where it’s from. Really excellent work!

Hi there!

Just found your article about LOKI – the modified chinese Chang Jiang …

Of course customizing scene here in China is pretty poor – not so
many people work on “real” customs but just on changing colors and

Parts are hard to come bye – although a lot of the customizing stuff
sold somewhere else is produced in Taiwan – not so far but still
difficult to import from there.

I’ve been working on Chang Jiang bikes since 4 years doing all kind of
modifications – all in my off-time.

Such business not pays the rent but is more just for fun and see how
far you can go with those oldstyle Changs.

Meanwhile i add up to 5 “real” what i call “custom-bike”.

Build up some more rides anyway but they where more or less standard
Chang Jiangs.

Find attached some pics of my latest project “El Diablo” which was
just finished.

Main changes i did was to shift tailwheel to 16 inch rim, custom-made tailfender (the sheetmetal-work was a pain in the ass), custom-tank with gasoline gauge, relocated battery and exhaust and a lot of other mods.

I would be really proud to also find some pics of my creations on “Motorcycle Photo …”!

Thumbs up for the job you do.

Thomas in Beijing

Beautiful old school Moto Guzzi bobber with some “Von Dutch” roots.

And it’s for sale!

From the Add:

One of a kind Falcone bob job that was once owned by the legendary Von Dutch. This bike was originally built by Von Dutch in the 1960’s and later sold to a Hollywood movie company. The bike was used in some biker exploitation film and eventually ended up with another legend, Mike Parti. Mike had the bike dissembled for years and in the early 1990’s decided to restore it. Mike kept the classic bobber look and added a few touches of his own.

As long as we’re kicking around with 2 strokes today. Here’s another beauty from Japan

Fantastic build from Japan! Thanks you sir! I love builds like this. All business.

Hello My name is Takeshi Goto,editor in chief of 2 stroke magazine in
Japan.There are so many cool two stroke bikes in your blog! I really
enjoyed them.attached photos are my RZ410.

RD250LC frame with
RZ350 engine,TZ250 forks.wheels are TZ250 hubs with 17in rims.I put in
LA sleeve 410cc kit for Banshee and TZ replica pipes.65hp at rear
wheel,not so much but massive torque,

Stunner of a Yamaha custom RD400.

As a lot of regular readers may know, my first real love is old aircooled 2 strokes (see my original 2 Stroke Biker Blog). In the world of Yamaha RD’s this one is a real beauty. A perfect balance of traditional RD mods mixed with some great custom touches (those brakes in particular). I’m on an RZ and an H1 now but I really need to get back on an aircooled 400 again. Just something about them. Congrats to Damon on this beautiful ride.

One hell of garage video tour of a racing legend by our friend Murph.

Folks do yourselves a favor and make sure you stop by “Where the Hell is Murph” on a regular basis. He’s actually taking the rides and seeing the sights that a lot of us only daydream about and he’s doing a heck of a job sharing it with us. Here’s a video of his recent visit to Jim Moshers garage. Love it!

Murph writes in:

I’m at Jim Moshers place right now in Sante Fe,en route to Fl.Met Jim on the salt a few years back.He builds beautiful Indians,his latest being the Twin Engine Indian Scout Land Speed bike.
Here’s the video tour of his garage.I’l be doing photo spreads on a few of the bikes in the next few weeks.

Wow! that’s a nice shop..