One hell of garage video tour of a racing legend by our friend Murph.

Folks do yourselves a favor and make sure you stop by “Where the Hell is Murph” on a regular basis. He’s actually taking the rides and seeing the sights that a lot of us only daydream about and he’s doing a heck of a job sharing it with us. Here’s a video of his recent visit to Jim Moshers garage. Love it!

Murph writes in:

I’m at Jim Moshers place right now in Sante Fe,en route to Fl.Met Jim on the salt a few years back.He builds beautiful Indians,his latest being the Twin Engine Indian Scout Land Speed bike.
Here’s the video tour of his garage.I’l be doing photo spreads on a few of the bikes in the next few weeks.

Wow! that’s a nice shop..


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