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An interesting but seriously “oddball” Moto Guzzi build… Why?

I see that it’s a sideways mounted Moto Guzzi Engine in a custom frame with an external transmission to a chain drive… What I don’t see is why? The twisting forces of all that mass on one side of the centerline of the bike (and high up too) must make for a VERY interesting ride. An engineering marvel but a LOT of work for an odd goal IMHO. I doo like the oddballes though..




Bravo to Moto Guzzi and Hammerhead Industries.

For years now, every time I’ve looked at a Moto Guzzi V7 in profile I have visualized almost THIS EXACT motorcycle from Hammerhead Industries.. It’s nice to see that I wasn’t crazy. Just need a bit more aggressive tread on the tires and the TT look will be complete. For all the scoop Go HERE to Motorcycle Daily. (no affiliation)


The latest from Kaffeemaschine, Guzzi Cafe Racer No. 7

Sweet Mother of God that is nice…

Kaffeemaschine, Guzzi Cafe Racer No. 7

Axel Budde

Finally the “Caffettiera d´oro” (“golden coffee machine”, but caffettiera can be a nickname for an old/wasted vehicle, too- I liked the double sense) is finished- or let´s say photographed, as she was done actually some time ago.

The donor bike was a Le Mans 3, which already had Le Mans 4 heads and bigger carbs, so it was a good basis to give it the full show with 1040ccm cylinders and powerful HTMoto tuning with dynamically balanced crank drive, special cam, twin spark heads, electronic ignition and bespoke exhaust system. The rest of the technique was overhauled and I gave it my minimal wire loom. The brakes were revised and modified with modern brake pumps and stainless steel hoses. The fork got progressive springs, modern dampers and new bleeders. Rear shocks are special Ikons, built for Kaffeemaschine. Instrument is Motogadget, wheels are Morad.
All alloy parts were handmade, as usual.
A lot of work got into the tank, showing my new design, as I wanted to design a classic, elegant tank, putting emphasis on the Guzzi´s unique geometry and shape. Tank and seat are available upon request.

Please label the article “Kaffeemaschine, Guzzi Cafe Racer No. 7” (or something like that…).
If you want to post it on Facebook- I joined the intimate circle as well with “Kaffeemaschine”- maybe you can link that.
I´ll be joining the “Custombike 2012” here in Germany this weekend. Maschine 7 will be displayed, as well as my race bike at the booth of the “Ace Cafe”, I´ll be guest at their stage show.
If anybody is interested, I´ll be around for a coffee…

Thanks again and best regards from Hamburg,


A Repsol Goldwing and other strange creations from the Seattle, Backfire Moto motorcycle rally.

Sometimes I’m jealous of people who live in places that have seasons. Don’t get me wrong, living in Florida has perks not the least of which is year round (mostly anyway) riding weather. But sometimes I get jealous of those folks who live in places with big climate changes. It allows them a few months to simply concentrate on their latest project without the nagging guilt that they could actually be out riding instead of wrenching. It’s that thought that struck me when I was notified by Google that Steve Ginn had updated his latest online albums with some shots of the Seattle, September 19 Backfire Moto motorcycle rally. He’s also got other some fantastic albums.  Anyway, it occurred to me that any spontaneous gathering of such eclectic brands here in North Florida would be quite difficult to organize because A) we’re sorta segregated here when it comes to brands and styles and B) our projects are never “finished” because we’re usually out riding instead of wrenching.

Anyway here’s just a taste of some of the bikes in his album. Hit the link above to go see the whole thing.


The worlds smoothest Repsol!  I can’t even imagine the technical hurdles that went into this!





Seattle seems to have a great motorcycle Scene.  Here’s A few more choice bikes from his album.  Go check it out.  LOTS more there.



Wheels of Italy – MPLS 2012

Thanks very much to Jim Jenne for these great shots! I have to say though that the stretched out Desmosedici really put a stupid look on my face. I mean stretched? Really? Different strokes and all that I suppose. shrug.. That flying Merkle repli-mod is a neat bike. There was a build thread o it on ADV Rider somewhere. DR650 based engine. Cool stuff.

Three new pics from Robie Pruden our Northwest correspondent!

Robbie consider the position filled! You are now the NW correspondent to MCPOTD. Unfortunately there’s no pay or benefits but you do get to go riding a lot and practice your camera skills!

Steve ,
Here’s 3 more from the LeMay show

(Let’s see if William Ferry bites!) Oh good one – ed

1) A very “washed” Cafe racer
2) A very busy Moto Guzzi
3) A 1949 triumph T100

I’m Applying for a new position as NW correspondant to Mcpotd.
Robie Pruden

In this shot you HAVE to appreciate the commitment to the genre when they cast a clutch cover to match the theme!  Must be a great ride!

I’ve heard these referred to as a cheese slicer for the flywheel on the other side.

That’s just gorgeous!