Three new pics from Robie Pruden our Northwest correspondent!

Robbie consider the position filled! You are now the NW correspondent to MCPOTD. Unfortunately there’s no pay or benefits but you do get to go riding a lot and practice your camera skills!

Steve ,
Here’s 3 more from the LeMay show

(Let’s see if William Ferry bites!) Oh good one – ed

1) A very “washed” Cafe racer
2) A very busy Moto Guzzi
3) A 1949 triumph T100

I’m Applying for a new position as NW correspondant to Mcpotd.
Robie Pruden

In this shot you HAVE to appreciate the commitment to the genre when they cast a clutch cover to match the theme!  Must be a great ride!

I’ve heard these referred to as a cheese slicer for the flywheel on the other side.

That’s just gorgeous!


  1. Oh yes..!!
    You’se 2 trying to start trouble.. or WHAT!!?
    It’s good job you’re safe over there and I’m over here.. hmmmmmm
    As the UK correspondent for this sad rag, I rather thought we’d arrived at an understanding.
    Of sorts.. clearly not !! hmmmmmmmmm again.
    Anyway, the japcrap is beautifully painted, otherwise, well, why would you..?
    In fairness, it’s so much nicer than most of the ancient stuff that ever left the factory [ in my book the only good Norton is a Manx Norton.] But still, all that effort, time, money. Why would you.. ?
    Most SR 600’s [here] are rather sorry things. Pity they/he didn’t just restore it to that standard.. as standard.
    If you can find the time in amongst your many tasks [ treachery anyone..?] have a shufty at this Anglo website.. a classic bike dealer in England and really far and away the BEST.. Venture Classics.
    Give it a look, some lovely stuff and at the moment at least 2 pre-war racing International Nortons and a couple of postwar Manxes. Plus glorious Goldies and a lovely Thruxtonised Velo’ Venom.
    The Guzzi is, as ever simply, lovely. Tho’ it should be said, if our photographer had tried a little harder and just stepped back one more pace.. we’d have got the whole thing. That would have been so much better. Colonials eh..?
    We do see a few here, odd ones at [big] shows, but not many really. I’ll be at the [Jap] Classic Bike show at Stafford in October and would expect to see one or two about.
    The Triumph.. ahhhhhhhhhh the Triumph.
    A lovely little thing with a little early success with the delightful Ernie Lyons [ he’s 90 odd now , widowed and in a care home now. But well, I hear..] and then allowed to moulder away to nothingness. Just Club racing in the 50’s/60’s in the UK. The end.
    But still a lovely thing and right at the start of Triumph’s great sporting decades with both 500’s and 650’s.. just excellent. And.. d’you know they weigh about 7lb 10 oz… give or take.
    You[ we] can wheel them about with one finger.. You can..!! I have..!!
    You colonials…hmmmmmmmmm
    B x

    1. The “NIPTON” It appeared to me that the case was blasted and Nipton etched in. Lots of other details. Myself I would have put a short reverse cone meg on it.

      I do owe MR Ferry a pint of bitter or his choice for the grand tease.

      If you goggle up 1949 GP T100 lots of stuff is there. I found one site that even had a picture of the RAF generator using that engine with the alloy cylinders . very nice that MR ferry always adds the human touches to go along with machinery.

      Lastly ,I’ll work on my photograhpy now that I’m “assigned”

      Signing off now to go trash that VStrom in the great Pacific NW

      1. Mr Pruden,
        I do hope you are keeping an eye on this run of comments so as to follow developments, as a GOOD
        Pacific NW correspondent would. !!
        Do..have a look [shufty..] at the UK site..”Venture Classics”.. it is full of good stuff. He only deals in the best.. and it’s all for sale To give you an idea of UK values.. GBP£1.00 = USD$ 1.60 approx.
        Have a go, both of you’se.. you won’t be disappointed.
        That’s it then.. onward, upward.. people to see, places to go, things to do.

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