Month: March 2010

Leaps and Bounds!

Wow! What a month!!  I got a great link from Pipeburn (GREAT site. Please please check them out) and had a nice predictable spike in traffic but an aweful lot of folks must have stuck around because there’s been a pretty steady gain in traffic since then.  A very sincere thank you to everyone for stopping by and welcome to all the new readers.  I hope you’re finding it as interesting as I find it fun!

Reader submittal. Husqvarna Desert Racer!

Bob Close from the Penton Owners Group sent me a link recently to a site I’d never heard of called and some pics of this amazing Husqvarna Baha Racer.  Please do yourself a favor and click the link over to this fantastic site and check see all the pictures and read the story of this bike.  This isn’t a trailer queen.  It’s going to be raced in the 2010 Baha 500.  And while you’re over there please check out all their restoration projects.  Really really amazing stuff.  If you’re a fan of these old dirtbikes (or just curious) you should defilnately pay a visit to the Gents over on the Penton Owners Group.  I sneak over there and peek in on them every once in a while and I’m definately getting the bug.
Thanks again for the link Bob.  Much appreciated.