Month: January 2013

Some really fun 2 stroke “street” bikes!

Mike sent me a link to his Flickr site and I grabbed these two! Nice Stuff!

His original E-mail about the CR500

This is my CR500 AFC Supermoto 79RWHP. I mostly run it on the street but for fun I took it to the drag strip and ran a 12.4 @ 101.4mph 1/4mile. It didn’t have a soft enough tire to launch hard but still fun beating Vrods and cbr600s!
It’s a crazy fun bike. Street titled and all led lights.
This will be up for sale soon to fund a Kawasaki H1 drag bike 🙂 the wheelie bar on it is from the H1 project haha


And a nicely modded GT!

Bravo to Moto Guzzi and Hammerhead Industries.

For years now, every time I’ve looked at a Moto Guzzi V7 in profile I have visualized almost THIS EXACT motorcycle from Hammerhead Industries.. It’s nice to see that I wasn’t crazy. Just need a bit more aggressive tread on the tires and the TT look will be complete. For all the scoop Go HERE to Motorcycle Daily. (no affiliation)


One of the most amazing 2 stroke hybrids I’ve ever seen.

for more on the bike and the background check out this thread over on 2 Stroke World. Where they declared it (very deservingly) their “Bike of the Month” If you’re at all familiar with these bike you’ll appreciate all the work that went into it.



That Dry clutch is serious lust material.

Had this in my inbox today from Hell On Wheels!

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Hell On Wheels upcoming events….

What we were thinking for this year was a 3 event summer! Starting with our annual H.O.W run what ya brung MX race, a “Hot summer nights” run what ya brung dirt track race and our end of summer costume hill climb event. A grand national hillbilly champ would be crowned at our end of year party, based on skill and character. All three events would have our gentlemans class structure used in the past.

On Superbowl Sunday (feb 3) we are doing a Superbowl of desert sleds ride near Barstow. We will meet up at Slash X cafe around 11.30am do a 50 mile or so loop using the fire and power line roads then back for food, and cold beer. Since we are not all football fans we have made a gambling grid so someone will win some loot!

We have started a dirtbike club, it’s not a formal club but just a bunch of us who wan’t to ride out a Milestone mx park. The more of us we get the cheaper the annual fee will be. We can set up some weekend camp outs and schedule some week day’s when we can all get and ride together.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Hell on Wheels and we want to put out a coffee table book including your pictures from the past couple of decades. If you have pictures that you would like to be considered please submit them to
There are also some new shirt styles being made with lots of color and if you dont have our latest calendar it’s out now at our new low price.

We have started a Hell on Wheels mc facebook page which we are updating daily, this is the easiest way to stay informed on upcoming events and other stuff going on in our little universe. Be sure to like us and share with your friends, the more the merrier…

Lastly the old band has a Just released a cd with 10 new songs, we also have a upcoming gig with Bow wow wow and Midge Ure of ultravox at the Coach House in so cal on the 24th of January get you tickets here..

Contact us a,




Catching up with out old friend Murph!

Murph is definitely living the dream but I rode to work in 80 degree weather today here in North Florida! That looks pretty dam COLD! LOL

Keep warm Murph!

Hello Steve and salutations to you for 2013.

I just arrived in Nordkapp, Norway on Jan 1st, 2013, a milestone for me really since I had planned to be here in October when the weather wasn’t as bad. But it’s as far north as a person car ride or drive i Europe, so I’m happy I reached it.
The Mobec 2 Wheel Drive on the outfit makes an incredible difference when you’re riding on ice and snow. I don’t think I would have made it this far at this time of year without it.
I am back in Alta and leave this week for Rovaniemi, Finland and then continue south east to Imatra and then cross over the border into St. Petersburg, Russia.
Hope all is well,


Published picture links:
R 93 Norway Dec 2012-2012 RAC DAC Logo Nordkapp MR1-5 Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway- Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway--2 BMW Sweden Dec 2012-6994-2 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012 R 93 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012-3