Outstanding BMW R71 “Replica”…

I didn’t get a lot of info on this.  Can someone enlighten me?  I suspect it’s a “knock off” kitted out to look like an early BMW?  Or am I way off here.  Not my area of expertise… obviously.  This was sent to me as a for sale post way back in November so I would think it’s sold by now.  But all the same… Great looking scoot though!

SAM_1659 SAM_1659_1 SAM_1660 SAM_1667 SAM_1668 SAM_1658

Sweet BMW R65 Cafe Project. Before and after.

One that nearly slipped past me with all the recent lag.  Very Nice!


This is my r65 winter project nearly finished it just needs the seat and front brake finishing off hope you like it
and also a pic of how it was when I bought it.

Nearly Finished


The before Pic. Heck of a transformation!

RD’s and GS’s all in one post!

Sorry. Been a little hit and miss this week. Been chasing electrical gremlins on the DR650.  All sorted out now.  Who would imagine a battery going bad after sitting in a cold garage for six months.  😛

Getting her set up for some traveling this spring to assorted shows and may even turn her into a full time commuter if the price of gas keeps going the way it has.  35-38mpg (Yes I’m a bit “harsh” with the throttle) sure beats my truck.

Anyhow…  here’s another victim of the spam filter.

Armando Barqueiro

Feb 15 (13 days ago)

to me
A few of my brother’s bikes over the years. He was a 2-stroke guy with his RD400’s but then became a BMW kinda guy, first with R65LS’s, three to date, and later with R100GS’s, he’s on his second. The latest one he’s made into an R65LS lookalike since he never rides off-road. The gold RD400 was very highly modified with DG heads, pipes and swingarm, Lectron carbs, home made rear sets and seat, fork brace, braided steel brake lines, Tomasselli clip-ons and a custom made (by me) wiring harness which allowed the whole front part, fairing, headlight and all instruments and controls to be disconnected and removed with one massive multi-wire connection (from a car) for ease of maintenance which there was always a lot. In one racing weekend he changed three left pistons due to a crankcase seal air leak. Good times and they aren’t over yet.

’82 GS1100L/California Sidecar, ’02 GSXR1000, ’86 Fazer, ’92 DR650, ’92 FZR600, ’00 DR400Z, ’00 TTR225







Catching up with out old friend Murph!

Murph is definitely living the dream but I rode to work in 80 degree weather today here in North Florida! That looks pretty dam COLD! LOL

Keep warm Murph!

Hello Steve and salutations to you for 2013.

I just arrived in Nordkapp, Norway on Jan 1st, 2013, a milestone for me really since I had planned to be here in October when the weather wasn’t as bad. But it’s as far north as a person car ride or drive i Europe, so I’m happy I reached it.
The Mobec 2 Wheel Drive on the outfit makes an incredible difference when you’re riding on ice and snow. I don’t think I would have made it this far at this time of year without it.
I am back in Alta and leave this week for Rovaniemi, Finland and then continue south east to Imatra and then cross over the border into St. Petersburg, Russia.
Hope all is well,


Published picture links:
R 93 Norway Dec 2012-2012 RAC DAC Logo Nordkapp MR1-5 Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway- Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway--2 BMW Sweden Dec 2012-6994-2 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012 R 93 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012-3

Hot Damm! Murph has a sponsor! And some nice pics of his rig.

Murphs been busy!


Great news, I have finally, after 2 1/2 years on the road self supported, got a fantastic sponsor in Wunderlich Germany. They are behind me now and love where the craziness of Wherethehellismurph is headed.
I wanted to let you and all your readers know as I had my doubts as to how long I would be able to do this on my own.
I’ve also included a shot of the finished sidecar outfit we spent the last 3 months building here in Holland.
More on the post is here.
Regards to you and your readers,

Published picture links:


Oh and while we’re on the subject. He took a visit to the WSB races at Nurburg…

Where there was also a race going on! LOL He managed to pull himself away to get Biaggi crashing!

A BMW R80/100 Cafe hybrid you could really spend some time on.

Here is a photo of my ’78 BMW R80. It has been converted to an R100, and other cosmetic mods.
Tom Coulter

If I had room in the garage for nother bike this just might do the trick.  Not ultra exotic (especially compared to some of what’s out there) but it has a very period correct balance of form AND function along with “real world” comfort (and no doubt the range to go with it).  I can think of more than a few back roads where she’d be right at home.  Thanks Much Tom.