4 comments on “Updates: The Yankee Motorcycle Company. Model “Z”.

  1. Hi, the Yankee was a cooperation between the spanish brand Ossa, who suplied engines, and some entrepeneurs in USA. But it does not arrived on good term and failed. In Spain it was sold as Ossa Yankee, a fastest on road 500 twin. But his thirst for fuel was the biggest problem in spite of the publicity promised 70 hp. You can see part of the history at this web: http://motoguapa.lamaneta.net/Yankee3.html

  2. As a salesperson for trucking companies in the Schenectady New York area, I did business with Yankee. In early 1980’s I think 1982 John Taylor was closing the factory and moving everything I was the one that moved everything to California for him. As I remember he loaded a fork lift on one of the trailers and did not secure it and there was some damage, and he tried to blame it on us. I was not a motorcycle person but I remember it was a bad ass looking bike

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