A stunning 2 stroke custom.

I Can’t believe it’s the same bike..

David Zemla writes in

Love your site!!!!
Great to see such inspirational machines! Makes my day each time.
Here’s a shot of an RZ350 I built a few years back. Not great pics but a really fun bike.

David Zemla
Director of Marketing
Progressive Suspension

Sorry for the delay on this David,  My e-mail has gone a bit batty lately.

Here’s how she started out…

One comment

  1. Cool bike, but….the original was pretty damn cool to start with. Too bad such an original, complete bike got molested. Of course, he had every right to do it. I’m just saying…and prolonging the age-old argument I guess. Bike philosophies, there are as many as there are riders.

    Nevertheless, awesome results, so bravo I guess.

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