Shops That Don’t Suck

A shoutout to 57 Garage in Brazil

Sent me a link and I like their work a lot.  Check em out.  Nice shop with some creative builds!  Thanks guys!

57 Garage Cycles <>

Hi dude,

We are a custom shop in Brazil and I was wondering if you could feature on your site one of our motorcyles?

Phone> +55 11 4329-9773
Direct > +55 11 9.9511-8204
Direct > +55 11 9.7753-6774
Email >
Facebook >
Instagram >

Av. Dr. Ricardo Jafet, 541
Sao Paulo, 04260-020

moto giu traseira sem filtroIMG_7959gsx1100caferacer_2 (2)Yamaha_R5_1974_Flattrackgsx1100caferacer_2 (1)

More workshops that don’t suck…

Willy Gonnason Sends in this very well stocked garage (even if it was only temporary). He writes in:

I love your site! It’s the first one on my daily morning reading list!

Unfortunately I don’t have the finances to maintain a decent garage –
it’s always been way too small and underpopulated…

However, it doesn’t look totally barren all the time. Here’s a couple
of pics with a few bikes (some are friend’s bikes) before one of the AMA
races back in 2005. This was the last AMA race held at Pikes Peak
Raceway before it was closed down, although we didn’t know it at the

There’s Suzuki, Ducati, Yamaha and Honda represented here, and a couple
of classics to boot…


Willy G.

Workshops that don’t suck….

I think I’m going to start another theme here at MPOTD and call it  “Workshops that don’t suck”.  This is a slight variation on the “Dream Workshops” that you run across from time to time.  There’s a LOT of really cool shops, sheds, and garages out there that aren’t necessarily in the “dream” category…. errrr. although this one definately WOULD fall in that area,  So!  On top of all cool bikes and “Wanderlust” pics, if you’ve got a cooler than average shop, shed, garage, barn, or even if you like to wrench in your living room… if you think it’s interesting send it in!

Here’s a really interesting little spot I found over in a thread at ADV rider…  I mean WOW!