Month: June 2011

Beautiful old Triumph Daytona.

Charles Lathe sends in another beauty.
He writes:
I’m attaching two photos of a Daytona I saw this morning at the Blue Ridge, motorcycle only, campground. I asked the fellow on it if he did the restoration himself or if he bought it that way. He said he did it himself and he has a dozen of them. His wife was with him on a nice 60’s Bonnie that I also got a couple of snaps of.

I told him we were on a new Bonneville and he said they also have a Triumph Rocket.
Regards, Chuck Lathe, North Carolina

Thanks Again Charles. That might have been the “British In The Blue Ridge” meet. Those folks really put those old bikes through their paces.

Cycle World Video. A very slick Jack Pine Special expose.

This bike is becoming something of a cult. It’s easily one of the top viewed posts on my blog and yes I DO love the bike.

Everyone has their own taste so take this with a grain of salt but I almost didn’t post this because I find it to be a bit too over produced for it’s own good.  However, the riding shots alone are worth sitting through the over slick interview.  Again… just my opinion.  Your mileage may vary.  Enjoy.

Super Trick Moto Guzzi from the UK

Got these from Harry n the UK who wrote in:

“This is a water cooled 4 valve head moto guzzi that used to race in the Italian battle of the twins, it now lives in the UK, this is all I know of it as it was in a tuning shop I visited. “

Thanks Harry!  What a beauty!  I’ve heard a few big Guzzi racebikes over the years and they are simply glorious!

And hey, do any readers out there know this bike or have any more info on it?  Thanks folks!

1948 Triumph T Bird. A transformation from old school Chopper to SoCal bobber

Thanks to Lee Thiessen for the pics!

I like that you left it a bit “gritty”. Nice build.

The before pic. Yeah I know that there’s some old school chopper fanatics out there who’d have left it alone but I think the Bobber look is a big improvement. Not to mention much more “rideable”. 2 cents..