Super Trick Moto Guzzi from the UK

Got these from Harry n the UK who wrote in:

“This is a water cooled 4 valve head moto guzzi that used to race in the Italian battle of the twins, it now lives in the UK, this is all I know of it as it was in a tuning shop I visited. “

Thanks Harry!  What a beauty!  I’ve heard a few big Guzzi racebikes over the years and they are simply glorious!

And hey, do any readers out there know this bike or have any more info on it?  Thanks folks!

One comment

  1. this should be an mgs-01 but there are things that are strange… e.g. the rear swinging arm is not the same of the mgs-01 and the cilinder heads are different and anyway rotated of 90° since all guzzis comes with the exhaust manifold coming out towards the front of the bike… hope this helped!

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