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Honda VLX 400 Chopper/Bobber. A Totally Awesome Budget Build.

You guys know how much i love a well executed budget custom. Simon Tay of Singapore sends in another fine example of why imagination and creativity is always necessary no matter how much money you have… or in this case DON’T have. Congratulations on such a nice bike!

Simon wtites in:

Hi there,
Here’s a Honda Steed VLX 400 I had customized. Did it on a super low budget of S$450. I used an old front fender and widen it to make the rear fender. Found an old leather chair by the dumpster and turned it into a leather seat. Paint was rattled can sprayed but I had the paint shop to do a 2K clear over it for durability. Custom made bars with internal wiring and flushed fork caps. I hope you like it! I’m working on another bike now, hope it’ll turn out better than this!
Simon Tay


Thanks again Simon!  I Love it!




Reader Submittal. A really Great Home Grown Honda Bobber!

I saw the pics of the finished bike over on ADV Rider and knew there had to be a good story behind such a cool build. So I pm’d the owner to see if he’s be interested in sharing a few details and I was not disappointed!. Thank You John! There’s a lot of personal touches and one-off parts in this one. It’s obvious that you’ve put some time into it. Thanks Again!

John Writes in:

Hey Steve,
I would be happy to share some info on the bobber I posted on advrider.  It started out as a 1974 CB750 which was hardtailed and tranformed into the bike you saw.  I have been working on it for 2 years it is almost done. I just need to finish dialing in the carbs.  It has been a pain since I use straight pipes and a open air intake.  Everything on the bike that is custom I built.  I do my own powder coating, except for frames since my oven is not that big.  I tryed to go with a minimalistic, clean, old school approach.  I am happy you like it.  If you have any other questions or want to see any other pics (I have a ton) let me know.

Here’s the Before and Build pics. That’s quite a save!