UPDATE: WOW! Reader Ride. An outstanding Gilera from Norway. Small but fierce!

UPDATE:  In my ignorance about this brand I failed to realize just exactly how special a build this machine really is.  For a more complete story about the building of this bike see this thread here:
Really fantastic stuff Morton.  thanks for the link!

Morten of Norway Writes in:

Hi and RESPECT ! for your great blog !
I have been surfing up and down your amazing site, and it has given me a lot of ideas for my next build.
A really wonerfull mix of bikes and details, keep up the good work and ride safe. Thank you 🙂
………and a pic of my last build, 1978 Gilera Edizione Speciale. 80cc 6 speed Polini/Gilera engine.
top speed: 121 km/h / 75 mp/h @13400 rpm
Med vennlig hilsen – Regards Morten

This is an extraordinary build.  Thanks Very Much for sending it in!

More Sam simons Projects…

Here’s something to give you an idea of the kind of attention to detail he has. Fantastic work!

From his recent E-mail:

I’ve done some ‘different’ projects since the RD-K500,only one of them being as ‘intense’ and as involved as the RD-K. That would be the little Gilera 124 army dispatch bike.

You may get a kick out of this bike….
I was wanting to do something military for a change,and a chum/collector had to Gileras to offer.
Both were 1967 /_*SEARS*_/ 124’s(Gilera),and one had only 38 miles use!(with traditional rust and faded color).
To make a long story(and project) short,Steve,it was a more challenging task than I expected;trying to come away with a finished product that was convincingly real/original. I think that I did that,but it was very similar to the RD-K in time spent……really. Literally,any pieces/features not found on the stock SEARS 124 that are present on the ‘Gilera 124 Militare’ were either new fabrication(i.e,seat, rack,air cleaner) or heavily ‘massaged’ oem parts(i.e,forks,shock location,both fenders).The handlebars began life as RZ350 units.
It does fool the ‘experts’. Another chum took the silver 124,and did a beautiful little vintage Italian ISDT machine.

I done a couple of other ‘odd’ vehicles too,but I’ll save that for another email to you…..