Month: April 2010

Reader Ride! One hell of a custom Yamaha SR500!

Mike C sends in these pics of his stunning SR500 custom.  As a person who’s been known to overbuild a few small CC bikes myself I really like this.

Mike includes his build sheet:

Here are some snaps of my 1978 Yamaha SR 500, hope you like them:
Front forks:’94 GSXR 750
Front ‘fairing’: Modified aftermarket fiberglass Yamaha R6 front fender
Headlights: Modified 18 wheeler back-up lights
Wheels: ’94 Yamaha FZR600
Rear monoshock: ’94 Yamaha RZ350
Muffler: Modified Toyoya Camry resonator (center section from a Harley, front section is a Kerker).
Oil cooler: Shop class project a buddy made for me
Front master cylinder & clutch lever: Honda CBR 900
Rear master cylinder: Honda CBR 600
Rear brake caliper: ’94 Kawasaki ZX 750
Chin fairing: Home made fiberglass copy of RZ 350 part
Vapor catch tank: Modified reciever/dryer from Camry ac system
Kick starter: Yamaha XS 650
Tail piece: Fiberglass home-brew
Rear fender; Fiberglass home-brew
Gas cap: Yamaha YSR 50
Tailight; Marker light I ‘borrowed’ from a school bus
Seat is a cut down stocker using a upper shock mount at the rear
Speedo; Yamaha RZ 350
Mag cover: Kedo in Germany
Oil filter cover; Motolana Thailand
Cam chain adjuster cover; I forget the company name, but it came from New Zealand
Rear sets;Home-brew combo of the old buddy pegs from my ’85 GSXR 750 and some nice alloy stock I found in a parking lot =-)
Bar end mirrors; Metal copies of some I found at a bicycle shop
Motor running early TT500 points type ignition & magnetto lighting
Voltage regulator from a snowmobile
Etc., Etc., Etc……
If you like, you can follow these links for more:

Thanks for your time ……Mike C.

Great Stuff.  Thanks Much for the pics and info!