A stunning 1978 Hercules 250 Enduro-Sachs 2-stroke engine and 7 Speed Gearbox

Wow!  And it’s for sale!  No I don’t know the owner or the bike.



    1. I have done a few improvements: ISDT lever covers, tank tool bag, front number plate. It came with a 15 tooth front sproket . I have a 14 and a 13 tooth.

      1. Fred please let me know if you still have this bike and if you would consider selling it back to me as it was my dads bike!

        My phone number is (419) 989-9601
        Thank you

  1. I have one but I am looking for a front n rear sprocket. Its not in the greatest shape. Its been used in a few races and was put out to pasture. It does not have the lights etc but runs like a charm.

  2. THIS WAS MY FATHERS BIKE! Times were tough and he sold it years ago. Please let me know if you would consider selling this bike back to me! Thank you

    My phone number is 419-989-9601

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