The Dirt Fazer!

Manny had made a few comments about his old Dirt Fazer in the FZ! Adventure Bike thread and he was kind ehough to send in some pics of it.  Cool Stuff but a sad ending..
Manny Wrote in:

Hope some of these are OK. Don’t forget most of this stuff is from the film era and it wasn’t so easy to take pictures back then. I owned this bike for 13 years and had a blast with it. One day I was riding it home from work and the countershaft sprocket came off the shaft and the chain wrapped around and locked my rear wheel in the fast lane of a major Montreal highway. I slid to a stop on the inside service lane and took the plate, tools and mirrors, crossed the highway, called my wife to pick me up and abandoned the bike. I had never plated it and ran it on the street with the plate from my other Fazer so it couldn’t be traced to me. That’s the last time I saw it.


  1. Good on ya Manny.This was put together because Manny was frustrated that his brother Raoul (Ralph) regularly ‘spanked’ his, long suffering, XT550 Yammie off-road with his Bmw GS.Unable to take the abuse any longer, Manny fabbed this monster together.And, is it just me, or does that raft look a little less than seaworthy, like it was put together by the same sort of loon that would create a Dirt Fazer ?

  2. @Reponsible Rider I’m from Montreal. Trust me it didn’t sit there long. That bike found it’s way to some happy scrapyard no questions asked. lol..

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