Month: September 2011

KS125 Zundapp. The latest from Metro Racing

The latest from “Donzilla”!  Thanks Don!

Hey Steve;
How about a pretty girl and a 70’s KS125 Zundapp 2 stroke with only 6 miles on it and the bike belongs to NBA superstar Rick Smits?

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Great info about a recent post.

Some great info by “hilslamer” from the comments re-posted here about this unusual Honda MX bike shown in an earlier post.  See info and links below.  Great stuff hilslamer!   Thanks Much!


Valentino Ribi worked closely with Suzuki I think, then Honda, and then when Honda wanted Roger DeCoster to ride for them he forced them to set up the Honda with the Ribi fork.

Ribi’s patent:

While complex, it solves many of the problems(uncontrolled dive during braking, braking forces causing binding during suspension cycling, and also can create a vast array of progressivity in spring and damping rates using a conventional damper – very similar to the linkage common to most motorcycles on the rear in some form or another.

Contrary to another comment, there was a single-shock version of this but the added weight of the linkage and the position of the shock meant it probably wasn’t much of an advantage:

Most of these problems are associated with the traditional telescopic fork native to most motorcycles with rare exceptions from Greeves, BMW, Britten, et al. IN any case, it’s cool to see a couple of pictures I’ve never seen of that fork – thanks!

Found a really excellent source of Vintage MX shots.

I’ve been checing out his photos for a while now and today I noticed that the SuzukiJoe  Picassa web albums are  set up with a “some rights reserved” status so folks can share his excellent library (with proper attribution of course so be sure to give him a HatTip if you use his stuff). Here’s just a taste of the full album.   Go check it out!


WOW! That’s sweet..

That’s going to hurt..

Check out the front suspension on this beauty!  Can anyone enlighten us?