Month: September 2011

Nice garage… and cool pic from a Go-Pro

Tom Leeming sent in a this shop photo that he took with his Go-Pro a while back. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a Go-Pro for videos but I was sort of holding off because I didn’t think the still camera was all that hot. I think I stand corrected. I even like the wide angle. Better panaromas and you can always carry a compact for the close-ups.

And that is a hell of a nice quiver there. A custom cafe’s Suzuki Titan. A KTM Adventure, A BMW(RS?), and a wicked GasGas trials bike. Hard to get bored with a collection like that.


UPDATE: The Latest from Travis at Iron Spade Cycles in TX

A fw folks were asking in the comments about the location of Iron Spade Cycles. I found this on a forum:

Hey guys, my name is Travis and I am the sole owner of Iron Spade Cycles here in Port Lavaca TX. I specialize in building cafe racers, street trackers and drag bikes from vintage British and Japanese makes. I tend to build only the bikes I would ride personally so I feel I’ve done most of my clients justice in building the perfect example of their expectations.

Travis Lawson (who’s bikes have been on these pages before) sends in his latest build! Outstanding!

Steve, here are a few pictures I took this morning about a half hour before my client came to pick up his bike. It’s a 1973 Honda CB350F with 5800 original miles on the clocks. It was in pretty rough shape when I started the project back around Christmas of last year, but the end result was worth the wait. Damn near every part on this bike has been touched in some way to make it better. A laundry list of parts were stripped, powder coated and or painted while others were polished or replaced. Rough estimates of weight saved from parts cut off or omitted is about 55lbs. If it wasn’t absolutely necessary to make the bike run, it was removed to save weight. The engine was left basically stock other than the hand made exhaust canister, the Dyna-S ignition and the pod air cleaners. We did bump up the jetting for the increased airflow but that is about it. I know these little bikes can go 100K miles with regular maintenance but any major mods would only hurt the longevity so we stripped her of excess weight instead. Just this morning I stretched her legs and ran up to 105 MPH before shutting her down to take these pictures. Pretty impressive considering I’m 6’2″ and 260lbs. My client is a bit younger, 75 lbs lighter and in much better shape than I am, he should have a ball riding her around the coastal area where he lives.

Anyway I just thought you’d enjoy these pictures. Now I’m back to focusing on another client’s cafe project, a 1979 Kawasaki KZ650 with a Wiseco 810cc big bore kit. Those pictures will be in a few weeks. Talk soon Travis

Styling video.

Thanks to Todd Johnson who wrote in:

Not sure if it’s your bag or not, but here’s a video of some old bikes not riding like complete d-bags. On the one double yellow pass, the guy flat out pulled over to let us have our fun.

Regardless of whether or not I’d ride with those Greek guys, I did enjoy watching the videos. Probably not so much had someone been hurt. Anyways, your site has kept me going through many mundane work days. Keep up the good work.

Good Stuff Todd. Thanks! And I like the modded sky blue CM400 (?). Very original build!

Wrench. Ride. Repeat. from Indiesol on Vimeo.

Reader ride. An unusual kovrovetc-minsk framed 175cc.

A carry over from the s-stroke blog..

Valentin Voynov sends in this cool custom build. I confess that I don’t know much about the ofiginal bike but I like hat he did with this. More proof that you don’t need a deep pockets to build a cool bike.

A Little Colorado Adventure Wanderlust Action…

Living in Florida isn’t exactly torture but geography that’s as  flat as a pancake does get old.  I look at photos like this and think that a little snow might not be so bad once in a while.  These are courtesy of the incomparable Edward “Geek” Walker from Colorado.  AKA MotoGeek! Be sure to check out his site for a LOT more!  These are from a little Sunday/Monday ride he took.  Damm. Some guys sure do have it rough…

Thanks Ed!