Month: September 2011

What 100,000 angry bikers look like in France!

This is from last June but in light if recent threads on here I thought it’d be a good idea. I am of course waaaay late to this but I just love the video! More on bikers rights shortly but I thought I put this up here now. All the details here!
Vive La France!

Styling video.

Thanks to Todd Johnson who wrote in:

Not sure if it’s your bag or not, but here’s a video of some old bikes not riding like complete d-bags. On the one double yellow pass, the guy flat out pulled over to let us have our fun.

Regardless of whether or not I’d ride with those Greek guys, I did enjoy watching the videos. Probably not so much had someone been hurt. Anyways, your site has kept me going through many mundane work days. Keep up the good work.

Good Stuff Todd. Thanks! And I like the modded sky blue CM400 (?). Very original build!

Wrench. Ride. Repeat. from Indiesol on Vimeo.

Reader ride. An unusual kovrovetc-minsk framed 175cc.

A carry over from the s-stroke blog..

Valentin Voynov sends in this cool custom build. I confess that I don’t know much about the ofiginal bike but I like hat he did with this. More proof that you don’t need a deep pockets to build a cool bike.

A Little Colorado Adventure Wanderlust Action…

Living in Florida isn’t exactly torture but geography that’s as  flat as a pancake does get old.  I look at photos like this and think that a little snow might not be so bad once in a while.  These are courtesy of the incomparable Edward “Geek” Walker from Colorado.  AKA MotoGeek! Be sure to check out his site for a LOT more!  These are from a little Sunday/Monday ride he took.  Damm. Some guys sure do have it rough…

Thanks Ed!

I hesitate to post this but what the heck. If you’re in St Louis and you’re one of these people then you’re a f##king jackass.

Considering the action we’ve been having around here lately over the Greek hooligans I was a little conflicted about even mentioning this but since it’s now a national (global??) story I thought I’d address it.

Here’s a rub from StLtoday

ST. LOUIS • Drivers have reported huge packs of motorcycles swarming the highways around St. Louis, with the bikers pulling stunts, making hand gestures and forcing cars off the roadway.

There has been no official word yet from the state highway patrol or other public safety officials.

The reports started coming in around 2 p.m. from various spots on I-270 and I-70, most recently in the north St. Louis county area. Some claimed to see as many as 800 to 1,000 motorcycles in a pack.

There has been at least one major accident, which resulted in serious injuries and forced the closure of I-270 near New Halls Ferry Road. The injured were flown to an area hospital, according to the state highway patrol. No further details are known at this time.

Brian Johnson of St. Louis said he was heading on I-170 north to Lambert International Airport with his wife when he saw the pack of motorcycles on the other side of the highway.

“There was a good half mile stretch where it was 20 bikes wide the whole highway,” he said. “It was hundreds after hundreds after hundreds of bikes.”

Johnson said the bikers were not your typical Harley Davidson types; most were wearing racing suits and riding speed bikes like you would see in stunt shows.

He said the first group of bikers were pumping their fists; the second group created a ringlike formation and had bikers riding down the middle doing wheelies.

Johnson said cars were forced over to the shoulder of the road and trying to get off. There were also traffic tie-ups on his side of the highway as drivers slowed to gawk at the spectacle.

“When they were out around the other cars it was dangerous,” he said. “When they took over the entire highway it was like being in a motorcycle show.”

Read more:

If you participated in this nonsense and you (by some miracle) are reading this I just wanted to let you know that you’re a fucking moron who is probably going to die a fiery and painful death sooner rather than later. I personally will not mourn your passing. Oh and if you pull that crap when I’m driving a vehicle that outweighs you 6 to 1 please know that I am not yielding you and inch. Go ahead take your chances and test Darwin.

From the “things you don’t see every day” department. A stretched and blinged 1969 Honda Trail 90!

David Shupe writes in with this truly unique Honda.

My 1969 Honda Trail 90 custom. stretched 12″, Raked forks, Hand made pegs, center bar (1/2 aluminum plate & 1/4 brass plate) and stainless sissy bar. Custom gray flake powder coat paint. 72 spoke rims and 140cc Pitster pro engine! Feel free to use all photos as you wish, Dave Shupe. Bellingham Wa. USA

If I was (a lot) lighter I’d be all over these small customs. Cool, easy to ride, affordable and unique. I mean who wouldn’t want a trail 90 with a velocity stack!!

Sweet Suzuki Reader Ride!

Mike Sternick from New Jersey sends in this cool budget beater build… I love bikes like this. More proof that you don’t need deep pockets to ride a cool bike! Nicely done!
Mike writes in:
Greetings ,
It was a $500.00 beater with potential.You don’t see to many GS’s cafe’d out.All new bearings and seals front to rear.Seat, cowl (battery box) and taillight made in house.
Works performance did the shocks and fork springs.Kerker header with a supertrapp exhaust from the junkyard.Fuse box and electronics are behind screen.Out of all the tanks I tried the stock tank had the best balance.The carbs and harness were a bitch,took a month to sort.That which doesn’t kill us makes us better fabricators.It now rides and runs great.Love your rag.

Mike Sternick

Chinese Chang Jiang CJ750 M1M. A close relative to the BMW1938 R71

I get a kick out of all the different “family trees” there are to the old BMW’s. It seems like after the war there were quite a few versions of some variation or another being built. Here is a gorgeous example of the Chinese model sent in by Bur Zeratsky who writes in:

Here is a photo of my Chinese Chang Jiang CJ750 M1M. This bike is a current production version of the BMW R71 from 1938. The story goes that the Germans sent their tooling to Russia after the war, where they produce Urals & Dnepr’s to the same design. Sometime later, the Russians sent the tooling to china, where the CJ750 is produced today.

Year of origin is uncertain. A good friend had it shipped here several years ago directly from China. After tinkering with it for a while, he decided to let it go and my wife was kind enough to present it to me as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. After additional tinkering by another good friend, Paul Crowe, which included the removal of 3 entire sheets of chinese newspaper lining the inside of the gas tank, it now runs like a top.
Hope you enjoy!
Bur Zeratsky

That’s Great stuff Bur. You have a great wife and a true friend there! Thanks Much!