If you’re wondering what you’re up against in St Louis (and everywhere really)…

Here’s the Facebook page to the “2011 Ride of the Century”. Please don’t hit the like button. You can comment without it but be prepared to be flamed by some of the most ignorant, idiotic and grammatically challenged people who ever got on 2 wheels.


  1. I couldn’t help myself. I asked why they wore helmets.

    I’m waiting for “helmet law”??? REEEEEallly. Or “for safety”?

    Maybe to remain anonymous? A bag would be so much more effective and cheaper.

    I hope their donor cards are checked.

  2. I have a hard time believing that “hundreds and hundreds” of bikes were involved, in the middle of the day. Still, it doesn’t take a lot of bikes stuning on public roads to completely fuck traffic up, anywhere.

    And yet again, I’m reminded of why I’m glad I live in California, far away from these bozos.

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