A shoutout to 57 Garage in Brazil

Sent me a link and I like their work a lot.  Check em out.  Nice shop with some creative builds!  Thanks guys!

57 Garage Cycles <>

Hi dude,

We are a custom shop in Brazil and I was wondering if you could feature on your site one of our motorcyles?

Phone> +55 11 4329-9773
Direct > +55 11 9.9511-8204
Direct > +55 11 9.7753-6774
Email >
Facebook >
Instagram >

Av. Dr. Ricardo Jafet, 541
Sao Paulo, 04260-020

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Reader Ride. Otstanding 1969 Bonneville Hot Rod!

Larry Edwards writes in:

Great site!!! I have visited MANY times while I collected reference material. Attached you’ll find pics of my ’69 Bonneville build that took place mostly in my dining room between early October and January. It’s not to the sanitary stage yet. Still doing shake-down runs but, I can’t hardly stop once I’m out on a ride without having a crowd gather around the thing. Then of course I spend the next hour answering questions and telling folks how it came together. Anyway, thought I’d share some pics with you. It could be classified as a “street tracker” I suppose but, as you will see mine doesn’t have any fiberglass on it. Mostly I figure it’s a hot rod and since I had to bob it and chop it a bit to get it to where it’s at, it may be time to begin a new classification or category of bike. I call be bike The Bopper.

Wow that’s nice. I mean Damm. And you’re right.  I’ve tagged as a Chopper/Bobber/Streettracker.   Hard to pin it down.

Thanks Much Larry.

Maybe THE Coolest Suzuki EN125 On The Planet!

Another Great Build from Hajarboxx Motorcycles.  See more of their stuff HERE!  And HERE!

Gifney writes in: 

How are you doing? Just want to share our latest work. The donor bike is an Suzuki EN125, and the owner wanted a two-seater that could go through the rain (he meant some useful fenders :D), and he also wanted to change the frame and the seating position, so we change the footpegs position and gave him a taller bar. The tank is fron an old Suzuki GP125, and the battry box is a modified Suzuki A100 carb filter box. The fenders are customized honda CB100’s. No major works withthe suspensions. As always (been too busy to set up new blog/site! 🙂 ) you can check the building process here (!/album.php?aid=27446&id=115078248506795 )

Have a nice day!!
Hajarbroxx Motorcycles

An here’s the before pic I grabbed for his link. Just amazing!

Update 3: Wicked Little 2-Stroke Yamaha Tracker-Bobber

Moving this to the top for a bit since so many folks had questions about it.

Update 3:  Found the build thread!  An alert reader over on ADV rider found the build thread on this bike. A lot of folks have been asking for more info so here you go!

From the comments (Thanks SakeRacer).  More info Here:

Sorry to Pipeburn. I didn’t realize it originated on their site. TONS of great stuff over there so check them out often.

My observant commentors make some good points about the classification of this bike. Tracker of Bobber? I see a lot of elements of both styles here and to be honest I’m not crazy about pigeon holing bikes all that much so lets call it a tracker-bobber. Whatever you call it it’s still freaking cool!

That’s got backroad fun written all over it.

Reader Ride From Spain! A Honda CM400T Street Tracker.

This may be the nicest CM400T on the planet. Damm that is cool.

I’ve said it here many many times. You do NOT need big money or big engines to build fantastic bikes. And here we have another excellent example of that. This beauty was built by Mario Trigo Salorino wo writes in:

Hello, my name is Mario and I write from Spain. I’m a fan of your blog for a long time. Always show the style of bikes that I like. It is a daily appointment required.

I want to show a personal project I recently completed. It is a Honda CM400T, base uncommon, has been done by me and some friends. I do not define his style, bobber, track, brat … is a modest project but I’m very happy with the result. Major changes are, handlebars, handlebar switch, repositioning of the electrical components and battery box, exhaust, rear set, clocks, modified original seat and paint job. Appear on your blog would be a reward for my work. I hope you like.

A greeting and continued with this great blog. Muchas gracias.

PS. Sorry for my English.

Your English is fine Mario It’s an excellent build. I am labeling at a Street Tracker but you’re right it has elements of other styles in it as well.  ! Thank you very much for sending in these great picture!