Reader Ride. Otstanding 1969 Bonneville Hot Rod!

Larry Edwards writes in:

Great site!!! I have visited MANY times while I collected reference material. Attached you’ll find pics of my ’69 Bonneville build that took place mostly in my dining room between early October and January. It’s not to the sanitary stage yet. Still doing shake-down runs but, I can’t hardly stop once I’m out on a ride without having a crowd gather around the thing. Then of course I spend the next hour answering questions and telling folks how it came together. Anyway, thought I’d share some pics with you. It could be classified as a “street tracker” I suppose but, as you will see mine doesn’t have any fiberglass on it. Mostly I figure it’s a hot rod and since I had to bob it and chop it a bit to get it to where it’s at, it may be time to begin a new classification or category of bike. I call be bike The Bopper.

Wow that’s nice. I mean Damm. And you’re right.  I’ve tagged as a Chopper/Bobber/Streettracker.   Hard to pin it down.

Thanks Much Larry.


  1. My god that is unbelievably sexy, and it must sound mean to match! I love every single thing about this bike.

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