The underappreciated Honda GB500.

This ones a beauty. 
Imagine where this bike might be if Honda had stuck with it a little longer.  Or Kawasaki with the W650… I guess Triumph gets all the spoils with the modern Bonneville.





  1. I recently sold my 1989 Honda GB500. Mine was more stock than the one pictured here. It was a beauty to look at. If I were a bit shorter and lighter I might have kept her. I now have a 2000 Kawasaki W650. Interesting that both bikes were only sold in the US for two years.

  2. What a little beauty.. I have tried one, but at 6′ 4″ much too small for me to be comfy.
    But, don’t you think that with all it’s lead in sales in period.. this is what Velocette or BSA .. or somebody should have built.. instead of the same old..same old..!
    As a true Anglo with so much to be proud of.. you have no idea how angry it makes me that Velocette isn’t spelt.. DUCATI..!!
    Thank you and goodnight..
    ps: Steve.. as this bike is SO nice.. if you’ve any more shots.. could we see them please. TY.

  3. Kawasaki’s W800 is an even better version of the W650 and is a much more well detailed retro bike than the Hinckley Bonneville.You North Americans don’t realise what you’re missing out on,tell Kawasaki you want them too!

    1. Bruce – I’ve contacted Kawasaki asking for them to bring the W800 to the US. I’m still waiting to hear back. I think sales were so bad back in 2000 and 2001 that they don’t want to take the chance again.

      1. I hope you get them R but if not keep your eye out for a grey import,if you get a few of these in North America and the word gets around Kawasaki might think again.They really went out of their way to build a great retro bike and the detail is amazing for the price,think T120 Bonneville with alloy rims a fantastic paint job,bullet proof electrics,no oil leaks and low to mid range torque that will amaze you.

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