2 stroke

1973 Yamaha RD350


Started out with a  1973 Yamaha RD350 we move the swingarm pivot points back about three inches and  put a RZ rear end on swingarm disk brakes and a after market Fox race shock mono shock. We went from a 73 twin shock to a modified RZ race rear end with a 6 and 1/2 inch stretch to the rear end. Vintage Avon front clip modified RD400 tank and a vintage Ducati tail section


Photos from Richard Weslow

Opposites attract! A 2-stroke repliracer and a Harley sidehack..

Steven Varrato sent in a coulple of sweet but very different bikes:

I stumbled across your site recently, and thought I had a couple pics you might like. Sorry I don’t have a ton of info; took these at Biketoberfest in Daytona around 2008. Hope you like them!


I like em both Steven. Which makes me sort of odd I suppose…. LOL.

Gorgeous Husqvarna Vintage MX’r

And I spy Metro Racing stickers on there so Donzilla must have had a hand in this beauty. Oh and by the way stay tuned for my first ever product review! Don sent me some fantastic swag that I’ll be giving a look-see at in a day or so. Top Notch all the way. Thanks Much!

Ha! I knew it. From the comments:
Yes I did have something to do with that Husky! I did the paint work on it for a friend, Jim Case. It was at our booth at Unidilla MX a few years ago. Look close at the top of the tank. Malcolm Smith signed it at Mid Ohio.


Gorgeous work!

The King Kenny Bultaco Metralla

Thanks To Jehu on ADV rider who wrote in his post:

This Bultaco sold for $20K a few days ago on eBay.

1971 Bultaco Metralla MK2 owned by Kenny Roberts. The story on this bike is Senior Bulto and the Barcelona Bultaco Club gave Kenny Roberts this bike as a gift at the 1994 Barcelona GP. This bike is new not restored. Kenny is trying to locate the picture of Senior Bulto giving him this bike. If he can find it the picture it will be included with the bike. Also included is a letter from Kenny stating the authenticity of this bike. The bike runs but the petcocks leak so they will need to be repaired. The frame and engine numbers match. Bike shows 76 km = 45 miles.

Someone was asking about the header photo…

Here it is in the all original format.  The bikes were photographed at Deals Gap a few years back under the “Tree of Shame”.  The Kawasaki H2 owned by a fellow that went by the board name of Hebman (and I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t recall his full name).  He was the master of the highly polished bike.   i didn’t know the owner of the CBX.  Sure made for a pretty picture though.  I’m sure I’ve posted it waaaay back at sometime but anyway, here it is again.  Click for large original format.