Reader Ride! A Sort Of "Combat" CT90!

Nate Beveridge sends in these pics of his cool custom Honda CT90.

He Writes in:

I am a daily reader of your blog. I love it, and I love your taste in bikes. You put up a couple of pics from my trip to the grand canyon on my VTX1800 a few months ago, and now I have another I’d like to share. This is a 1970 Honda CT90 I built from the ground up. It has a 125cc clone engine with a 22mm Mikuni carb, and let me tell you, it MOVES. I painted it to match WWII era OD green, with some satin black accents. Everything is new and improved. Upgraded suspension, CDI electronic ignition, 12v electronics, leather seat, manual clutch, and a Hella off-road headlight.

I have it for sale,, but you don’t need to share that. I’m not trying to use you to sell it, I’m just very proud of it and would like to share it with your readers. (I do have some more details in the ad, however).

I couldn’t have done it without parts, advice and jabbing from Dave, Trish and Frank at Cyclepsycho (

Thanks so much for your effort, I really do enjoy checking it out each morning before heading out to my shop to wrench. I’m in the beginning stages of owning my own shop,, and am loving every minute of it. Forever two wheels!

Thanks Nate!  Looks great and best of  luck with the shop!  Keep us posted on how you’re doing!



  1. Looks like I’m not the only one who likes green Hondas! That’s a cool site, Looks like you can order them built like that? I bet mine is a little more comfortable though- I don’t know about the struts on their green one….

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