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1968 Aermacchi M68. Another Outstanding bike from Ted Guthrie!

Nice to see long time contributor Ted Guthrie still at it!   I checked and sure enough, he’s sent in so much stuff over the years that he has his own tag,   Thanks Again Ted!  Beautiful!

Just finishing up this 1968 Aermacchi M68.  All original except for recovered seat and aftermarket grips (which don’t fit right).  Even wearing the original tires.  Those with sharp eyes however will note the intermediate chain guard (between main guard and engine case) is missing.  Original lost.  eBay replacement on the way.Aermacchi 4 M65 1 M65 2 Aermacchi 1 Aermacchi 2 Aermacchi 3

Some Really Trick Mini Yamaha’s From 2 stroke Legend Sam simmons!

Sam Simmons sends in this pair of beauties. A pair of hopped up Yamaha BW (Big Wheel) 80’s.

Sam writes in:
Hi Steve,
Hope you’re doing well. Excellent ( new) site (as usual!!). I recently
redid a couple of Yamaha BW-80’s,so here are a few pictures for you…
Surprisingly,both BW’s were still in the hands of their original
owners,one in MO,the other in IL.
Both were in good overall condition,but pretty tired in the ‘Engine Dept’
. I ‘stretched’ the suspension on mine,while my wife’s is stock. Once the
exhaust  and intake systems are de-restricted,carb’s rejetted,these
little shits  fly…almost 50 mph.

They’re great little bikes for  swap meet transportation,and perfect for
inexperienced trail riders.

Best Regards,
Sam Simons

Holy Smokes! 50mph on these must be a hoot!

I like the Kenny Roberts colors!

Sitting Pretty!  Some nice clearance there!

How to raise em up!

Very Nice work!

The before pic!

Reader Ride. A converted Honda Dream 50R!

Doug Nassif sends in this trick little conversion.

2004 HRC Dream 50R, conversion to street legal.
Headlight too big? That’s me!

Thanks again Doug. Man that looks like fun. Those overhead cams on that small cylinder are too cool. And I bet all the other bikes have headlight envy! 🙂

UPDATE: WOW! Reader Ride. An outstanding Gilera from Norway. Small but fierce!

UPDATE:  In my ignorance about this brand I failed to realize just exactly how special a build this machine really is.  For a more complete story about the building of this bike see this thread here:
Really fantastic stuff Morton.  thanks for the link!

Morten of Norway Writes in:

Hi and RESPECT ! for your great blog !
I have been surfing up and down your amazing site, and it has given me a lot of ideas for my next build.
A really wonerfull mix of bikes and details, keep up the good work and ride safe. Thank you 🙂
………and a pic of my last build, 1978 Gilera Edizione Speciale. 80cc 6 speed Polini/Gilera engine.
top speed: 121 km/h / 75 mp/h @13400 rpm
Med vennlig hilsen – Regards Morten

This is an extraordinary build.  Thanks Very Much for sending it in!

LOL UPDATE: Reader Ride. The Lilac Alley Speed Shop Honda Hardtail SL125! Very Trick Budget build.

UPDATE… Helping to provide a public service here at MPOTD:
From the comments: 
Anonymous said…

I love the bike but my bedroom overlooks Lilac Alley and would love it more if you didn’t race up and down the alley late at night and let it idle in the alley.sorry to be a pain but my bike sets off car alarms as well but I try and do that on other peoples streets…

Dan Noyola sends in this wicked little custom build. Did some hunting and found his blog!  Go HERE  for his blog build pics!  Now don’t be shy about sending me links to yor blogs and slideshows fand such!  I love these kinds of builds. This once again proves that imagination and creativity are more important than money. What a cool bike.

Dan Writes:
It was put together in a couple of weeks for a few hundred dollars for the Dirtbag Challenge.
My ladyfriend still rides it regularly.

Dirtbag Challenge sounds like a blast. Thanks again!

Maybe THE Coolest Suzuki EN125 On The Planet!

Another Great Build from Hajarboxx Motorcycles.  See more of their stuff HERE!  And HERE!

Gifney writes in: 

How are you doing? Just want to share our latest work. The donor bike is an Suzuki EN125, and the owner wanted a two-seater that could go through the rain (he meant some useful fenders :D), and he also wanted to change the frame and the seating position, so we change the footpegs position and gave him a taller bar. The tank is fron an old Suzuki GP125, and the battry box is a modified Suzuki A100 carb filter box. The fenders are customized honda CB100’s. No major works withthe suspensions. As always (been too busy to set up new blog/site! 🙂 ) you can check the building process here (!/album.php?aid=27446&id=115078248506795 )

Have a nice day!!
Hajarbroxx Motorcycles

An here’s the before pic I grabbed for his link. Just amazing!