The RYCA / LS650 cafe conversion. A very interesting concept.

Jonny Imperial (AKA Jon Rickham?) wrote in that he “Just took this for a little test ride. Fun little bike. She ‘s a thumper.”. Go to the company website for all the info. I think it’s a hell of a good idea.

I believe I did a post on this company quite a while back. At the time I was hopeful for their success but feared that they might go the way of other companies like this. Which is to say good idea with too little funding and too many folks who talk a good game but never make a purchase.   However  I’m happy to report that I’m seeing more and more of these cool little scoots pop up on message boards and photo threads all over the motorcycle related web.  It looks like they’ve got a good foothold started. It’s the type of build that you could use as a launching point and have a lot of fun personalizing. The cost are totally reasonable, especially when you’re looking at something like a Royal Enfield kit or an XS650 based build. The Suzuki LS650  “Savage” cruiser that it’s based on is a positively bullet proof engine and chassis that can be had on craigslist almost anywhere for very reasonable prices. My own (personal) problem might be the size. At my height and weight I might be a bit large for it.  As a side thought, if you guys have any spare time I’d LOVE to see a similar kit for a DR650 (or even an  XR650).  I know the wheels would be pricy to overcome but there already a ton of 17″ supermoto shod examples out there.  Like I said, just a thought.


Oh and if you’re curious, this is the bike they start with.

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