Update: CL77 Hybrid.

Just got this info from Sam Simmons who sent me the pic:
The picture came to me via another Hoosier-Ellis Holman(a huge
vintage Honda enthusiast with many restorations to his credit) following
my request for a pic of a re-powered Honda CL77 scrambler(this bike’s a
Background info is that there are in fact a number of these CB/CL’s ‘out
there’,as there’s at least one fellow(in TX,I believe) doing them for
I’d requested the pic because I’m interested in building similar,but
basing it on a CL77 with 4:4 high pipes(no baffles,only Snuff-R-Nots for
that ‘right’ sound).
And,there are other variations of this theme,using the CB350F and 400F
chassis as the basis.

That’s all I know,Steve…..

Thanks Sam!

This excellent bike was sent to me a while back and the e-mail got lost in a bit of an onslaught of messages that I received at that time. I can’t find the original message so if it was you please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks

Reader Ride. Awe Inspiring BMW Boxer / Ducati hybrid.

Wow! Talk about craftsmenship! This stunner of a bike comes to us from Steffen Bühring of Germany.

He writes in:
Some pics from Berlin Germany.
This bike cost 3 month hard work, the weight is 180 kilo, 105HP, its look like a BMW, but it is an Ducati (because the frame is from a Duc!)


I speechless. What a great build!





Reader Ride. One of the cleanest (and most radical) XS650 hybrids I’ve ever seen.

Jeff Snell sent me pictures of this bike with very little explanation.  I had some of it figured out but most of it left me scratching my head so I had to press him for some info on this really excellent build.  He writes in:
Hi Steve, well it’s a Yamaha XS 650 engine in the cradle of an XS frame. I cut the front and rear off and made a new frame section to accomadate a Honda F4i swingarm and monoshock. Up front I made a new steering tube and used F4i forks. I wanted to keep with a retro theme and used a Kawi ZRX tank and seat. The tail is also ZRX but was chopped and condenced to work with the new proportions of the bike. Both are supported by a detachable aluminum subframe. The drive side case cover is divided to allow for an offset sprocket. This enabled the engne to be mounted in the center of the frame. The end result is light weight and balanced, and sounds great with a Scorpion exhaust can. I like that naked bike look.Of course there are a few more tweaks I’d like to do but I’m pretty stoked otherwise! Everything was done by yours truely except the electrical and dyno tuning. Hope your readers like it! ( I have a ton of pics for anyone interested)
Thanks for your interest,

Jeff Snell, Alameda CA

I’ve put a few unusual bikes together in my day (and I’m in the middle of another one) but it’s never approached this.  That’s a really at a great build.  Oh and I wasn’t even close on my guesses except on the bodywork.   Thanks Much!

Totally Sick! RZ500/R6 Hybrid. Too good not to share. Cross-post From The 2-Stroke Board.

You hear about bikes like this in lots of conversations…. “wouldn’t it be cool to put engine X in chassis Y”..  Well someone REALLY did it.  More on the project over on BARF

“Current generation Yamaha R6 chassis with Ohlins forks and shock, Brembo brakes, forged wheels, and aluminum subframe. Engine swap with Yamaha RD500 (aka RZ500 aka RZv500) V4 twin-crank two-stroke. Handmade expansion chambers with carbon fiber silencers. Mikuni flatslide carbs.”

Update: Reader Submittal. Old school Hybrid.

Update:  should have seen this coming…  for those of you e-mailng and commenting for more info…

The bike is for sale on EBAY UK Here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/YAMAHA-XT500-SUPERMOTO-PHASE-4-MAGAZINE-FEATURE-BIKE-/110613754451?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item19c117f253

What a fantastic bike!  Thanks to Cal from the UK for sending me these.  I’ve seen a few like these over the years and this is the best by far! I love it when an old iconic bike gets modernized without the spirit of the original being overwhelmed by the new components.  It’s a delicate dance and flawlessly executed here.

Shoutout to all the links…

I received a request to take a look at a newer Italian blog called “Remastered Cycle” today (they’re excellent by the way and now in the blog links) and I thought this would be a good time shine some light on all the sites over on the list.  There must be something in the fall air because folks have been blogging up a storm lately.  Take some time and click around over there.  Plenty to see.

… and here’s a shot of an cool bike from the latest addition.  Interesting stuff all over the place.

Reader Submittal. Custom built Indian "Chout"

Buck Pinkerton sends in this really cool old Indian! I would love to own something like this.  Damm near one of a kind!   Thanks!

This is a friend’s Indian Chout. It was built by her father before she was born, ostensibly a 1929 Scout frame holding a 1940 Bonneville Chief engine that he just happened to find in a crate at the southwest airbase where he was stationed. The forks look to be latter day chief. Some time in the 1980s the bike passed through the hands of a “restorer” who added the H-D front fender and odd looking instrument pod. At least he painted it right and stayed out of the engine. The bike is back in the family now, and from stories I’ve been told it was one fast machine.

Ride safe,
Buck Pilkenton