9 comments on “Reader Restoration. A sweet 1965 Honda S90 before and after.

  1. Great job on the restoration! I’m also redoing an S90, but I’m having trouble finding Vintage looking replacement tires. Can you tell me what tires you used on this and where you purchased them? Thanks!

  2. I too am just about to start restoring an S90 and am looking for tires.
    Please let us know

  3. I am just beginning to restore my Honda S 90. Color red just like yours. If I can get mine to look like yours, that would be a success. Great job.

  4. Looks great. I am just starting restoration of 1969 S90 Black with chrome fenders. The rear fender is not centered. It’s to the right side in relation to the tire. I have studied it checked the chain marks on the swing arm (same). It’s as thou the wheel should be a inch to the left ( drivers left knee). Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. The fender does not seem bent, just not aligned to the center of the tire.

    • I have the same situation with my 1965 Honda S90 restoration so hopefully whoever replies will solve both of our problems.

  5. I cannot find a front grey fender for my 1965 Red S90 Honda restoration project so if anyone knows where I can find one I would appreciate it.

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