Reader Rides. Some sweet custom built “earth shakers”!

I know that folks can be very particular about their preferences and such but whatever your tastes you can’t deny the monster skills that went into building these wicked machines. That Triumph in particular is pretty freaking sweet.

Michael Yamen writes in: Here are a couple of my hand built Bikes. First one has a 540CI big block Merlin Engine. 2nd one is my home made Triumph Rocket sidecar rig

UPDATE: A Russian Beast of unknown origin!

From he comments: This bike is made of parts of Dnepr motorcycles and engine from “Moskvich” car. The owner of this bike Anton “Pzirak” (Ghost) lives in Moscow. The motorcycle was built somewhere in 2004.

Thanks for the info!

Buck Pilkenton send in this really rugged looking Russian built trike.

There’s a website called EnglishRussia that has all manner of interesting photographic articles on just about any subject. This machine was in an odd transport article, with no words about it, so I won’t add any.

Thanks! Anyone know anything about this monstrosity?



Bitchen Ural Sidehack wit a touch of wanderlust.

At the moment it wouldn’t be my first choice as a ride but it sure as hell wouldn’t be my last. This is the kid of ride that keeps kicking around my brain. I get the feeling that if I ever rode one that I might get hooked. A week in the mountains on this with some camping gear, a fishing rod and a camera… hmmm…