OK a few thoughts on the “controversy”..

Lets see. I’ve already received a few nasty-grams and been told goodbye by a few readers. sorry to see you go, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed it! Sincerely. I also received a lengthy and well written comment (which I reprinted in the previous blog post) that made a lot of observations that I completely agree with. Yes, they’re reckless, dangerous and will likely die young. They may take someone with them. They may encourage others (much less skilled) to imitate them and also get harmed. That sucks. It’s a shame that this obviously popular motorcycling destination is not better patrolled by the authorities and kept in check. It’s a shame they have avoided the legal system to the point that they still have licenses. I hope the legal system does it’s job and catches up to them.

However I was also assailed for “promoting” these two videos suggesting that it will contribute fall of European motorcycling as we know it. It may give the jack booted nanny state regulators even more justification to regulate the fun right out of the sport, if not give them the excuse they’ve always wanted to eliminate motorcycles all together.

….sigh…. really? seriously? If that’s the situation where you live than you have my sincere sympathies.

………..I just deleted the rest of what was a very lengthy response. I’m tired and it was a lot crankier than I intended it to be. The bottom line is this. Yes I get a ton of visits and I do feel a sense of responsibility to that. I have immense appreciation for all the people stop by regularly and ESPECIALLY those who contribute. And like most bloggers I get a charge out of watching the site meter and all the traffic. But honestly I’m not chained to this. It’s just a hobby that I enjoy. It says right in the masthead that I post whatever appeals to me at the moment and I will continue to do that. If I get in the mood to post the occasional hooligan video and it offends you then I’m sorry you’re offended. Do what you must.

Just one final thought though… if the sport of European motorcycling really IS threatened by the “promotion” of these two videos then I’m sorry to tell you this but you’ve got much MUCH bigger problems in your future than that.

Steve Ducharme


  1. Steve: First off, thanks for the excellent site. I know the amount of work it takes and I appreciate it. Feel free to post whatever you’d like. The nature of art, in any form, is to raise an emotional response.

    I saw the videos and my first thought was “what a bunch of idiots”. Sad, but true, we’ve all seen these fools. The real question is – is motorcycling a sport? Because if it is, it doesn’t belong on public roads. No other sport is on public roads. The emphasis is on “public”.

    I don’t want to fuel a debate. I take riding and owning a motorcycle seriously. I do my part to promote it as a safe, sane, practical, and approachable means of travel – that happens to be enjoyable. I’m the type of guy that will let a child sit on a (cooled down) motorcycle so mom or dad can take a picture. My motorcycle is clean and quiet. I don’t dress like a “superhero” or “outlaw biker” but always have proper gear on.

    The thing is, here in the states, motorcycles aren’t marketed as transportation. That’s not exciting advertising. They’re marketed as “lifestyle accessories”. The riding gear is a sold as a costume to support the fantasy. All the negative aspects start at the marketing level, long before anyone throws a leg over a saddle. I don’t see anyone barking about that.

    So, keep up the good work. It’s a great site.

  2. Illegitimi non carborundum (Don’t let the bastards get you down.)

    You provide a great service. You don’t deserve to take abuse for it. I, for one, appreciate what you do. Please keep it up, and ignore the jerks.


    1. So I’m a jerk, surprising how often I’ve heard that from people that are too lazy to get off their ass and do something positive like join and support a biker action group, it’s so easy to just sit there do nothing and shout your mouth off, I will not resort to insulting you but if you really don’t know about the problems facing biking in Europe, Here, open your eyes.



      Maybe you think these 100,000 bikers are all jerks as well, perhaps you should stand on a platform and tell them that yourself and if you really are a biker and not some pathetic keyboard warrior your a disgrace to biking and not really a biker at all.

      Vision Zero’ sees no room for motorcycles.

      These people don’t go away and are the people that governments turn to for advice and they make decisions on what these biker-phobic zealots tell them.

      When your lifestyle is threatened do you ignore the threats and just hope it will go away, if your a real biker you’ll have more guts than that hopefully, no one walks over me or my lifestyle without a fight and the lazy sods who can’t be bothered to join a biker action group, (doesn’t matter which one) and show some support for those trying to protect your rights to biking, well, don’t complain when it’s gone!

      It’s easy to just sit there and say it won’t happen but too late to moan about it when it has and of course those two videos won’t alone won’t contribute to the bigger problems that European biking has and I’m sure your smart enough not to believe that but it’s the atrocious riding that’s shown in such videos that is the only side of biking that many non-biking people see and obviously it’s not good for the cause.

      I forgot to mention in my previous post that I am and have been a member of UK MAG the Motorcycle Action Group for many years and MAG has become very organized and structured with elected members who now attend government meetings and debates if they have anything that concerns bikes and biking and communicate with local councils and transport bodies on a regular basis and have achieved many good things for bikers such as more and better bike only parking some of which is free, better anti-slip road repairs and anti-slip surfaces to drain covers, diesel spillage emergency clean up and pot hole hot lines to local councils and even managed to stop some forms of compulsory bike legislation, many people work very hard and mostly unpaid to just build bridges between bikers and officialdom and try and convince the authorities that bikers are generally law abiding decent people that just happen to ride bikes.

      So it’s absolutely soul destroying when a rider or riders are shown on the TV news or are plastered all over a newspaper because they have been clocked at some ridiculous speed on a public road or caught on camera riding like an idiot or footage the riders have recorded themselves is put on the internet and makes the news or ends up being used in court as evidence to an accident or bad riding, the actions of these rider can rapidly destroy years of work of gaining the confidence and respect of those in authority, our plight in many European countries is fragile and easily destroyed and never forget that many people in positions of political power especially in Europe really don’t like bikers.

      Bikers need to wake up and realize that we really need some of those in authority to be on our side when it comes to fighting anti-bike legislation because politicians only really listen to other politicians and all the demos and protests in the world won’t achieve a thing unless some people with the power to stop or change anti-biking legislation are prepared to fight for us, today action groups like MAG are all about political lobbying we have had to learn how to be political and how the system works so that we can have our say in a way that will be heard by those that we really need to hear it.

      On a slightly different tone, the biking manufacturers need to stop with all the racing gimmicks and stupid amounts of HP on road bikes, they are ROAD BIKES NOT RACE BIKES and as the legendary Carl Fogarty recently said, “If your using traction control on the road your an idiot!”, at last a voice of reason.

      Don’t worry about it though, I’m just a jerk fighting for my biking rights and for the rights of many others who deserve it and even those who don’t.

  3. I like motocylces and I’m a keen shooter. Believe me there are plenty of people out there who want to kick me (and us) on both counts, we don’t need to do it to each other.

    Could we all lighten up please?

  4. Really appreciate your site, don’t let the negitave response get you down. I’m a rider of 30 years, currently own naked & sport bikes, love the sport/hobby.

    There is no way these clowns would get away with that behaviour on a public road where I live. The Cops would have them, bikes would be in impound.

    Having said that, I still love watching guys having fun in the twisties, for me it’s the ultimate fun on a bike.

    Unfortunately these guys go a bit too far in their exploits, but it’s no excuse for the European authorities to impose ardous regulations. Actually the way things are going there might not be a “European” bureaucracy around to impose the rule changes, especially in Greece.

    Keep up the good work. Keep on ridin.

    Ed in Perth WA

  5. Lots of good points everyone thanks much.

    KC you’re absolutely correct about how we think of bikes here in the US. We go on and on about the cost of gas and we try to counter that with extremely complicated hybrid cars and the like but we completely miss the affordable high mileage (and FUN) alternatives right in front of our noses.

    “Illegitimi non carborundum” I want that on a T-Shirt or riding jacket!

    Ed, from what I read in the news you make a good point. Europe is in a real jam right now. I think motorcycles are the least of their worries.

    And Kenneth you’re 100 correct. We all need to lighten up a little starting with me. After today I consider the matter closed. Back to or regularly scheduled posts! Thanks again everybody!

  6. Apologies to It’sfookemate.

    I did not see that the spam filter had grabbed your post (probably because of the multiple links) and held it for moderation. I just now received the notification. I have no intention of censoring anyone as long as it’s clean and reasonable. You comment is now up.

    And for the record I never called you nor insinuated that you’re a jerk. I did not question the truth of what your situation is either. Sitting here in the southeastern US I am in no position to do that. If you got that impression I apologize. I merely expressed mild shock and regret at the situation you find yourself in with what appears to me to be VERY unreasonable overreach by the European authorities into motorcycling. We are going through a bit of a “discussion” on “limits of government” here in the US at the moment as well so I do get it. There’s more I’d could to say but this is NOT the forum for it.

    Anyway, as I said. I’m one guy posting things that interest me. This is a playpen for me. You frankly have no idea what contribution I do or do not make to the world outside of this blog so please cool your jets a little. I have HUGE respect you passion and your contribution to the field (sport IS the wrong word when talking about street bikes). Keep up the good fight. If you’d like to take a deep breath relax and contribute a comprehensive post (or private email) and point out the threats etc. with links and organizations to contact it would be my pleasure to post and link to that and even add a “Motorcyclist Rights” section to my banner pages.

    Let me know and Thanks much.
    Steve Ducharme

  7. What is happening in Europe is a terrible thing, but Mr. Fooked you must understand that the knowledge of your situation isn’t very widespread. Typical Americans like our blog writer Steve may have no idea of what your European leaders are planning. Your situation isn’t something that’s covered in the news and it’s not mentioned in our magazines. I’ve only known of this act due to fellow talk board members from Europe speaking out just as passionately as you have. If not for their voices I’d be non the wiser myself.

    Once again I understand that the predicament that your country is in is quite dire, I’d be just as upset as you with my fists clenched ready to defend it, but you have to take into account that other people that share the same hobby may be ignorant to the problems you’re facing. So please try to have some leniency towards them and their actions, because we don’t all live in your world.

    Thank you

  8. I was not replying to you in any way Steve D, I replied to the post by Randy B. Singer who suggested that you should “ignore the jerks” apologies that I did not make that clearer but when I clicked the reply button on the post by Randy B. Singer I wrongly assumed that my reply would be linked to his post, I for one will not be abandoning your excellent site and applaud you for allowing this “discussion”.

    Your idea of a Motorcyclists Rights section is a great idea so here are some links you might want to have a look at and consider linking to, as the excellent “LOUISIANA BIKER RIGHTS” group says, THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FOR BIKER RIGHTS IS APATHY.
    No More Freedom Fighters = No More Freedom.

    The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations.

    Motorcycle Action Group UK

    Thank you for your support.

    1. It’sfookedmate: I think that your cause is very important, that your passion is admirable, and your desire to raise awareness is appropriate.

      However, I think that attacking folks who bring us free motorcycle blogs, and fellow bikers, is extremely misguided. These things do not draw support for your cause. In fact, just the opposite. That’s the way to alienate those most likely to be your allies.

      I implore you to continue on with your mission of rallying others to the cause, but to do so in a more carefully calculated and civil manner.

  9. Here in Quebec our hated SAAQ (transport ministry) would like nothing more than to eliminate motorcycles altogether.They tried ‘pricing’ us off the roads,$1,400.00 per year to register a sport bike over 400cc. It hasn’t worked.We protested,proved that their methodology was flawed. Next year the registration costs will drop significantly.
    True, generally, apathy is our worst enemy.Anyone who organises/gets involved with protests has my undying admiration. I get that argument.
    But….after being involved in anti SAAQ movements I have come to the realisation that,overall, posting videos of these two morons may add weight to the government’s anti-bike argument. Then again, they seem able to spin whatever they want to their advantage.
    I am also long past believing that behaving in a responsible manner will influence public opinion regarding motorcyclists. The public seem to have adopted their biases one way or the other. The fact that I may pass other road users in a curtious manner, surely, won’t change any negative opion they have. I ride for me. I want to be safe. I want to have fun. I won’t put myself or anyone else at risk.
    Fools ,like those in the video, likely won’t survive too many more ‘rides’ or will go on to the next trendy thing and leave us alone.
    I don’t consider them as ‘bikers’.
    No worries, Steve. It was just another insightful post on your part. Look at all the dialoque you opened. How many other of your posts get this many responses?
    Keep up the good work, I’ll be back ( as usual) tomorrow to see what you’ve found for us.

  10. Steve you do a great job. And guess what? You OWN this….. And you provide it to us for free. No one pays you or has any say about what goes on the blog. It’s all you. People bitch to much about what they get for free these days, if they don’t like what you put on here they can beat it – 99% of the other readers out there love the blog and stand behind you. Later…..

  11. @BikeMikey748 I’m from Quebec. I grew up in Montreal. Move to Florida in 78 (I think you and I have chatted a few tomes online in the past.) I’ve heard from old friends about what they were doing to bikers up there. Hunting too from what I’ve heard. Just awful stuff. I’d be curious to know if they hammer the snowmobile rider that hard since they represent a similar winter demographic and I would imagine they are very well organized with groups and associations and the like.

  12. Steve, Please keep doing what you do. Aside from the weather, yours is the only site that I actually check every single day. That’s how good it is.

  13. I will continue to check your site daily as I will continue to have coffee in the morning. They go hand in hand. There are fool riders out there as there are fool drivers (of cars) and there are just plain fools. Just because you post a video of some guys riding recklessly does not make YOU a fool, just a poster of a video. Relax folks and ride within your own abilities… only you know them.

  14. The last time I checked St. Louis was a long,long way away from France or Britian..
    and the law enforcement problem in St. Louis (for that’s what it is) shouldn’t greatly affect outcomes over there. As to here in the USA, that’s another story entirely. A lot of stunts
    will eventually become jail-time offenses I’d bet.

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