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Reader Ride. Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro. A Stunning restoration From Our Old Friend Ted Guthrie.

Haven’t heard from Ted in a while so I thought he might be up to something… and sure enough… here’s his beautiful restoration on a Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro that he finished just in time for the Mid Ohio Vintage Days event. I have GOT to get up there one of these years dammit.


And here is the before pictures.  I mean holy smokes that a nice restoration.  Really well done there Ted.  thanks for sharing it.

Reader Submittal. How to build a Norton Cafe Racer from Beginning to End.

Here’s a few start/finish pics from Jean Des Rosiers excellent build of his Cafe Norton.  If you want to see how it’s done you could do a lot worse that checking out his site.

Jean writes in:

Saw your blog and the many bikes you have posted on there, especially Nortons. Please take a look at my café racer build galleries at The bike took about two years of on and off work, mainly on during winter and off during summer. The job started by fitting a belt final drive of my own design and fabrication and evolved into having an open clear area in the back of the engine by hiding everything that normally goes there.

Best regards

Really excellent stuff!  Thanks Much Jean!

Simply Spectacular Suzuki GT550.

Thomas Leeming from Montana recently sent me this excellent Suzuki GT550 cafe racer / former racebike. I told him that I’ve always been a Yamaha RD400 and Kawasaki Triple fan but this Suzuki could definately sway me. Jush gorgeous.

Thomas Writes:
Thanks for the great web site. I recently completed this 1975 Suzuki GT550 cafe. Pipes by Omar’s. Electronic ignition. Battery, oil tank and electrics are hidden under the seat cowl. The older photo is from 1974 at Louden NH when I roadraced a GT550.

Thanks Very Much for the pics Thomas. Very Much Appreciated!

The same bike back in the day…

Outstandind Royal Enfield Scrambler build. A fresh chapter of the Sam Simons Chronicles!!

Sam has built so shared so many interesting bikes with me that he has his own search term over in the cloud.  do yourself a favor and check out some of his other excellent builds.  His 2-stroke bikes are legendary.  you can see more of his stuff over on my 2 Stoke Biker Blog.  I havn’t heard from him in a while and I fugured he’d been up to something special and as usual he doesn’t disappoint.

Sam writes in:

Hello Steve,
Been a while,huh. Well,although I’ve been involved with several non-motorcycle related activities,I did manage to finish the RE500(just yesterday!!).The basis for this 60’s theme street scrambler was a new,dealer leftover ’07 Bullet my wife located in Ohio late in ’08. I bought it for the sole purpose of doing just such a bike,which made for a really odd feeling when I purchased a new machine that: 1) I 

So,I hope you enjoy the pics,Steve.

Always a pleasure Sam!  Keep em coming!


Almost forgot… The before picture!!