mini rant and a test of some new linkages (with some old BSA power).

Mini RANT! From a former “fanboy” now just pissed off at Google.

They just can’t resist a chance to reach out and mess with me. Now they mutilate my perfectly content and situated data with delusions of google Plus imperialism

I had to move massive amounts of old images recently from google Picassa to Flickr because google absolutely trashed all the old linkages when they forced them under the god awful abomination known as Google Plus and the “umbrella” of that social network.

It’s a lonely hollow universe there but they seem to think that it’s 1988 and they are AOL with nowhere else for people to go. I dumped blogger years ago after Google bought them and pulled some shenanigans on my earlier blog. I also noticed that for a time you could not post comments on Youtube without a gmail address/google Plus account… seriously… I still reluctantly have my Gmail address to this site but I’m otherwise switching my online universe as far away from google as is practical/possible. Mostly (belive it or not) back to Yahoo. A big reversal for this one time google fan. so it goes.


Reader ride. Really Great BSA Custom From Dogtown Cycles!

Man oh man! These old Japanese and British Hardtails are really starting to grow on me.

Love the article in the Spanish mag – my bike is top of the page!!!  The only thing I could translate was “addictive blog” – it is!  My go to site while having coffee in the morning….  Keep up the good work.   Cheers!

My pleasure! Keep up the great builds!