Macco Nº3, a Triumph Bonneville SE customized by Maccomotors

It was part of a mass mailing but it’s still a nice build. Never really knew where the styling might go with the SE models. This seems like a nice direction. Very well photographed too.





















Here is the Macco Nº3, a Triumph Bonneville SE customized by Maccomotors. We named DUSTY PEARL, and here is a brief overview of its history:

When Juan Manuel, the owner, bought his new Triumph Bonneville SE with standard mag wheels still didn´t hear about bikes customizations. And then he discovered it. He was impressed with the Macco Nº1 an then contacted us to completely change the look of his bike. He wanted us to build an industrial-looking bike and retro at the same time. The first was to change the original rims by spokes rims, and thereafter, all that Maccomotors would provide. So we set to work with the design and we have changed almost everything. One of the most noteworthy contributions in Dusty Pearl are the handmade side panels that left the rear brake pump outside. We love it.

The spectacular photos of Pearl Dusty have been made by the great Sergio Ibarra from agency (please if you publish the photos Make mention of Sergio Ibarra)

Here you have the specifications of Dusty Pearl:

· Rizoma 22 mm handlebars

· Short control levers polished

· Tomaselli grips

· Single Speedometer

· Rizoma front brake reservoir

· Bates headlight 5 ¾

· Turn signals

· Tail light “Mongrel”

· Mudguards and bracket Maccomotors

· Spokes rims: 18” front y 17” rear

· Tyres: Metzeler tourance 140 rear and dunlop 110 front

· Racing footpegs

· Side panels by Maccomotrs

· Ignition recolocation

· Progressive rear shocks Bitubo WME rear

· Progressive fork front springs Wilbers

· Subframe chopped

. Seat Maccomotors

· New paint Maccomotors

· Bar end mirror

· Supertrap exhausts
· Exhaust wrap pipes

Here you have some pics so you can choose the ones you like most.

All our work is in and in our FB page

Regards from Maccomotors and thanks for sharing!!

Jose and Tito

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