Month: September 2009

Reader submittal. Kawasaki Wayne Gardner "Moriwaki" Replica!

A reader with some serious skills (who wishes to remain anonymous) has sent in some of his OUTSTANDING build pics!! First off his Wayne Gardner Moriwaki Replica! For a little background on the original beastthat this bike was based on please take a look HERE. What an awesome machine and what a great replica.

The next 3 days will feature his AMAZING bikes so please stay tuned!

And thank you very much sir for these fantastic photographs.

Reader Submittal.

Recieved a fantastic link today from custom bike builder Jean Fran├žois Vicente. Shame on me for not knowing about him He does amazing work!

He Writes:
I have been hand building one off special bikes for fifteens years.. inclosed are some samples. Take a look at
Jean Fran├žois Vicente

Merci Beaucoup Jean Francois!

The Barry Sheen Yamaha… coming full circle!

A year or so ago when I started this little hobby I didn’t really have a lot of material to work with so I figured I start out with what I had. The best pics I had were all 2-strokes (my first love) so I posted a really excellent picture of Barry Sheen’s Yamaha GP bike. I thought it was a TZ750 but it was really a YZR500. Anyway, since then I’ve come a long way and made some great online friends who’ve contributed most of the best stuff on here.

Well today has come full circle (so to speak) because I was sent some excellent pictures from my favorite new blogger Mike Stuhler of the excellent stusshotes blog. Low and behold what do I find in my e-mail! God I do love this bike.

But even after reading up on it a bit I still find it hard to think of Barry Sheen on a Yamaha. Here’s one of his rides on the crispy side after a wreck.
He was such an icon on those Suzuki’s that my minds eye can’t see him on much else. But then again Rossi started wining on a Honda and now he’s with Yamaha himself so I guess times aren’t that different after all.. LOL

Sweet Reader Ride. 1982 Custom Katana.

Reader Steve Adams sends in the pis of his fantastic 1982 Katana.

Steve Writes:
Hi,Just happened upon your blog, some cool bikes on there! Heres my 1982 Suzuki Katana with loads of mods (can you spot them?) it took 18 months to build, what do you think?

Judging by the upsidedown forks, the swingarm, the Ohlins shocks, the brakes, the very trick looking pipe and what is no doubt extensive engine mods…. I think that it’s the nicest Katana I’ve ever seen!

Really fantastic work!! Thanks for the pics!