The Barry Sheen Yamaha… coming full circle!

A year or so ago when I started this little hobby I didn’t really have a lot of material to work with so I figured I start out with what I had. The best pics I had were all 2-strokes (my first love) so I posted a really excellent picture of Barry Sheen’s Yamaha GP bike. I thought it was a TZ750 but it was really a YZR500. Anyway, since then I’ve come a long way and made some great online friends who’ve contributed most of the best stuff on here.

Well today has come full circle (so to speak) because I was sent some excellent pictures from my favorite new blogger Mike Stuhler of the excellent stusshotes blog. Low and behold what do I find in my e-mail! God I do love this bike.

But even after reading up on it a bit I still find it hard to think of Barry Sheen on a Yamaha. Here’s one of his rides on the crispy side after a wreck.
He was such an icon on those Suzuki’s that my minds eye can’t see him on much else. But then again Rossi started wining on a Honda and now he’s with Yamaha himself so I guess times aren’t that different after all.. LOL

One comment

  1. Great post Steve! You always do a great job of putting these things up and I really appreciate, again, your taking the time and effort.
    I felt the same thing when I took the shot. After having seen Mr. Sheene on the Suzuki’s for so long I had to do a double take!
    Take care my man–and keep up the excellent work! Mike

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