Month: November 2008

20,000 page views and counting!! I’m really blown away! I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as I enjoy doing it. Like I said, I thought this was just going to be a hobby between me and a few friends. What a surprise this has been! Keep those reader rides coming!! I’ve REALLY enjoyed the imagination and creativity of those bike most of all. Thanks to everyone for visiting!!

New Reader Rides!

Reader Lawrence Austria has submitted a 3 for 1. Some beautiful Cafe Rides and a really tasty scooter. Thank You for sharing such excellent work! You have a great eye for motorcycles!

He Writes:

I saw your site while browsing the net and I just want to share my resto project. Above are the pics of my bikes, first is my 1966 Ducati M160 Special racer then my 1964 CB77R Racer and lastly my play bike the 1958 NSU Prima lll K Limited Edition. Hope you like it.

Lawrence Austria