Stopped by a friends house today for an old fashioned service day.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long but I grabbed som pics  with the cell phone.  A lot of these bikes have appeared on the blog before.


A BMW R69 in just the sort of condition that you’d love to find one in..


Indian Brian (bet ya can’t guess why we call him that?) has his beautiful bobber out.



Butches CB200 Cafe.  It an amazingly cool (and small) bike and it sound a lot bigger that it’s size with those pipes.



The driveway when I pulled up…  Thanks Andre!  wish I didn’t have to work today.  Looked like the makings of a great day.

Reader Submittal…

A truly excellent historical photograph.. 

This is Richard H. O’Loughlin Sr. Boston Mass State Police 1935 Indian Scout.  He was a member of the Massachusetts (Mass) State Police.   He retired badge number one many years ago and past many years ago as well.

Sent in by his grandson.!  Thanks Again Richard!  Fantastic pic!

Reader Submittal. Custom built Indian "Chout"

Buck Pinkerton sends in this really cool old Indian! I would love to own something like this.  Damm near one of a kind!   Thanks!

This is a friend’s Indian Chout. It was built by her father before she was born, ostensibly a 1929 Scout frame holding a 1940 Bonneville Chief engine that he just happened to find in a crate at the southwest airbase where he was stationed. The forks look to be latter day chief. Some time in the 1980s the bike passed through the hands of a “restorer” who added the H-D front fender and odd looking instrument pod. At least he painted it right and stayed out of the engine. The bike is back in the family now, and from stories I’ve been told it was one fast machine.

Ride safe,
Buck Pilkenton