Reader Submittal…

A truly excellent historical photograph.. 

This is Richard H. O’Loughlin Sr. Boston Mass State Police 1935 Indian Scout.  He was a member of the Massachusetts (Mass) State Police.   He retired badge number one many years ago and past many years ago as well.

Sent in by his grandson.!  Thanks Again Richard!  Fantastic pic!

One comment

  1. This is not MSP. Neither the badge nor uniform nor motorcycle is correct. In 1935 they would’ve been wearing French and Electric Blue (issued starting in 1933) and this uniform is obviously not tone blue. Also, that bike is not a ’35 Indian. MSP never wore that style uniform jacket nor that style badge and did not have patches affixed to th left sleeve of their uniforms. And according to the academy rolls from the Massachusetts State Police from 1921-1935 there was no Richard H. O’Loughlin on the MSP. He was most likely a Boston or MDC officer.

    Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center

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