Beautiful Laverda Wanderlust.

Scott Potter was kind enough to give me access to a huge stockpile of really great photo’s so you’ll be seeing them on here from time to time. First up is this georgous Laverda.

Scott wrot in:
This ’82 Jota belongs to my friend Thomas Eatman of Cycledoctor
Rennsport service, in southern Germany, who bought it new in Phoenix.
I’m not so sure there is a bike available new today I would like to
keep forever. I expect tom will keep this one on the ride to Valhalla
rather than a maiden.

This photo was taken at a lunch break somewhere in Austria. I’d have
to go back and look at my notes of the trip to know exactly where. He
and I rode through the alps to the Laverda party escorting the
Laverdaforhealth bunch part of the way on their adventure
(these four fellows rode 100cc bikes from London to northern Italy).
great fun. one for the bucket list to be sure 😉

Sounds like a great trip on a fantastic bike Scott. Thanks for all f this. It’s very much appreciated.

Update: 1977 Laverda Jota

I’m a recent recent convert to Laverda (and several other brands actually) and I’m a looooong way from getting the models sorted out. In that spirit I welcome any corrections to what are often my best guesses.

So from the comments: Lovely Bike, Jota it is not however, more like a late’ish 3C, I’d say 1975. ALL Jota’s had cast wheels, and dual seat with duckbills at rear…