Update: 1977 Laverda Jota

I’m a recent recent convert to Laverda (and several other brands actually) and I’m a looooong way from getting the models sorted out. In that spirit I welcome any corrections to what are often my best guesses.

So from the comments: Lovely Bike, Jota it is not however, more like a late’ish 3C, I’d say 1975. ALL Jota’s had cast wheels, and dual seat with duckbills at rear…



  1. Lovely Bike, Jota it is not however, more like a late’ish 3C, I’d say 1975. ALL Jota’s had cast wheels, and dual seat with duckbills at rear…

  2. It seems to be a 3C indeed, though you would need to have frame numbers to be sure. The exhausts are from a Laverda Jota and are non-standard. So is the rear suspension, seat and footrests. The frame of a 3C is black, only jota’s were produced with silver frames. The spoked borrani wheels only came on the 3C. The 3CL and jota all had alloy cast wheels.
    I prefer the standard 3C over the 3CL, jota or mirage. Fast, handsome, reliable, Italian with an incredible sound. The perfect bike for me.

  3. Oil cooler, borrani’s,square CEV tail light, polished Ceriani sliders – no doubt about it, that’s a ’75 3c. Nice.

  4. There’s plenty of room for doubt here. The solo seat was a factory option on the 3C, so if this is truly a 3C, then the seat is arguably “standard”. However, it’s far from clear that this is a 3C, and not a modified 3CL, or (stretchin’ it here) even a modified Jota. The entire rear wheel is non-standard, as spoke wheeled triples only had drums fitted, never disks. Rear disks were introduced with the 3CL (on alloy wheels, no spokes), so the rear wheel would have had to have been sourced from a late SF series twin. If this is a 3CL, they’d need a front one to match (they both should bolt right up). If this is a 3C, then they’d have had to weld tabs on the frame for the rear master cylinder (which may go some ways to explaining it’s silver respray). The conversion would have been simpler for a 3CL though, as the brackets for a disc set up would have been installed from the factory. Also, this bike doesn’t have the early-style oil-cooler from the ’74 and ’75 bikes, but a later version with the three holes on the outside edge. So my guess is that this is a modified ’76 (or later) 3CL. On the other hand, 3CL’s did come with Marzocchi front ends, and those are definitely Ceriani sliders, so who knows? I’d just call it a modified Laverda triple at this point.

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