Ride Report.

My Saturday Ride Report!

Every now and then I feel bummed because I live in the flattest place on earth with the straightest roads. But then spring rolls around and I take that first nice ride and realize that it doesn’t completely suck. Well that was yesterday. I got old Faithful all cleaned up. New Seat, New Tank, New chain etc etc.. Spring is here so it’s time to ride!

Stopped by my all time favorite local eatery. Caps on the water. Half way between St Augustine Fl and Jacksonville Beach on the Intercoastal waterway.

Lunch Rocked! Garilc Oysters with Parmesan and Ahi tuna Tacos. I actually ordered Red beans and rice but the fires that came with it weren’t bad.

They have the worlds coolest bathroom… Yeah I know. Weird to bring it up but its “out there” especially if you;re into 70’s/80’s culture!

I had the wrong camera with me but it’s a really good view!

This was in the parking lot. I was insanely jealous!

The place was rocking!

The view from the bulkhead.

Take the coast road home!