Month: February 2011

Stopped by a friends house today for an old fashioned service day.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long but I grabbed som pics  with the cell phone.  A lot of these bikes have appeared on the blog before.


A BMW R69 in just the sort of condition that you’d love to find one in..


Indian Brian (bet ya can’t guess why we call him that?) has his beautiful bobber out.



Butches CB200 Cafe.  It an amazingly cool (and small) bike and it sound a lot bigger that it’s size with those pipes.



The driveway when I pulled up…  Thanks Andre!  wish I didn’t have to work today.  Looked like the makings of a great day.

FYI. I just added links to about 4000 or so photo’s on the “Photo Libraries” page on the top of the mian blog.

Most of the links refer back to the old blogs libraries so they are not quite up to date with things we’ve done hee in the last few months  but there’s still a ton of material over there on the Picassa albums if you’re in the mood for it.  Enjoy!

UPDATE: Cool shot. A Trans.. scratch that… Africa Twin going through the mountain!

A few folks in the comments pointed out that this is actually and Africa Twin which I should know except we are SORELY lacking in them here in the US. To our everlasting shame 😦

From the comments:
It is an Africa Twin 😉
This Photo was taken in the Italian alps on the Passo Della Mendola near Bolzano.
It is always a great trip to the alps 🙂


No doubt. And thanks much for the correction.