Month: February 2011

I’d love to own it…



From the Ad

Series Motorcycle
Driver Kenny Roberts

Price [$ Conversion] CDN$5000.00

Description 1972 Kenny Roberts World Champion Yamaha motorcycle helmet. A very well used and battle-scarred piece of motorcycle history! Roberts won two AMA Grand National Championships in 1973 & 1974, three consecutive 500 cc World Championships in 1978, 1979 & 1980 along with 3 victories at the Daytona 200. He is the father of the 2000 500cc World Champion, Kenny Roberts, Jr., the only father and son duo to have won the title.

Reader Ride. Another nice Royal Enfield

Simmrit Rajani Writes in:

Been a big fan of your site…and here would like to share pics of my Royal Enfield 500!
Hope u guys there like it!


Thanks Simmrit!

I do.  These bike are growing on me more and more.   The idea of a classic bike with the sort of support network that Royal Enfield provides is very appealing.  It doesn’t hurt that there really nice to look at either.

Georgous 1948 Royal Enfield G350 from Portugal.

What a stunner!

Carlos Fragoso writes in about this beautiful restoration:
I was browsing around and saw yr blog. As I understand the purpose of it I decided to send you some pics of my own. It’s a Royal Enfield G 350 from 1948 that I fully restored. As original as they were back in the 40’s. Hope you like it.
Carlos Fragoso
Porto, Portugal





UPDATE (2): Fantastic Triumph TR5MX Avenger single with a nice backstory.

There are a few comments suggesting that this is a BSA Victor.  I mentioned in response that: “I’m definately NOT an expert on old triumph singles but wasn’t there a trophy 250 that was a common platform with the BSA?  I agree that it’s a dead ringer for a BSA but I thought there was some re-badging back along the way especially with the singles.  I’m interested in hearing your comments.

WE HAVE AN ANSWER!  Form the comments the owner chimes in:

Thanks ya’ll! And it’s not a victor. It’s a Triumph TR5MX Avenger. When BSA closed down in 72 and Norton Villers Triumph took over, they had a bunch of B50′s laying around so they badged them as Triumph’s and put ugly ridiculous twin high pipes on them. The engine is actually stamped B50MX!



Original Post:

Duncan Davis writes in:
Hi, I love your site. I have to get my daily fix along with my coffee. It was a major influence in the resurrection of my late fathers Triumph thumper. My father used this bike in the 70’s to check his cotton fields in South Texas, but when I was born it went into the tractor shed until a few months ago when I turned 21 and decided to bring the old Triumph back to life that I used to sit on as a kid. It may not be a purists favorite bike, but its mine! Almost everything is original with a few exceptions… Norton handlebars, new electrics, headlight and tail light, Harley battery box, roadside reflector side panels. The tank is the original “hunting yellow” but has faded over the last 38 years, but to my surprise, Caterpillar Tractor paint matched the old faded tank perfectly and I feel that It’s true to the bike roots. Just thought I’d share my favorite motorcycle because your site influenced the way it turned out. Cheers!

I love that it wasn’t over restored. Just a great bike with a nice history that you can enjoy the heck out of. You’re a 21 year old who really “gets it” Duncan. Thanks Much for the pics!

Ducati Condor. Ther original Ducati Adventure Bike?

From the for sale ad where I saw he bike. If you’re interested it can be found HERE

Forget the Multistrada here is Ducati’s first adventure bike. Built as a collaboration between the Ducati factory and the Swiss military to construct an all purpose, go anywhere bike. The changes that the Condor folks came up with were unique to this bike alone, too bad Ducati didn’t use any of the changes Condor did on the production singles of the day. For instance they used a spin on oil filter, something no Ducati single ever had. The engine is rubber mounted to the frame and there is also a rubber mounted head steady, the result is that the bike has a smoother ride and feel that the production singles. The brakes are larger diameter on the Condor and the rear wheel has a unique feature allowing the chain and rear sprocket to be kept in place when the rear wheel is removed. The tool kit is very BMW-like with a complete tool roll and tire pump, the saddlebags are removable and water resistant (not waterproof though) and, at least to me, the best feature on the bike is the dual rifle holders. No more tail gaiters for you!

Reader Ride… Monument Valley Wanderlust.

I saw this on ADV rider and Tom was kind enough to give me permission to post this. It’s one of those picture of a lifetime shots that I don’t have enough of myself. What a Shot!

He Writes in:
This was taken moments after arriving at Monument Valley for the night after the Labor Day weekend of 2010. This was my first serious motorcycle trip out of my home state of Virginia. I went with a co-worker that had done the cross country trip a few times, this was his first long trip on his 2003 BMW R1150GS.. The goal was to travel some of Utah’s scenic roads and see some sights. We saw and photographed some incredible scenes on the trip. I have been riding sense 2004 and bought the BMW R1100RT April 2010. The bike is perfect for such a trip and it ran flawlessly.

We rode Routes 24 and 12 and stayed with a couple (Ken and Shirley) in Kanab Utah for Labor Day weekend that is on a motorcycle guest hosting web site. They were top rate hosts that showed us some areas that we probably wouldn’t have seen. Monument Vally was very unreal. I really need to get back out there.


My Saturday Ride Report!

Every now and then I feel bummed because I live in the flattest place on earth with the straightest roads. But then spring rolls around and I take that first nice ride and realize that it doesn’t completely suck. Well that was yesterday. I got old Faithful all cleaned up. New Seat, New Tank, New chain etc etc.. Spring is here so it’s time to ride!

Stopped by my all time favorite local eatery. Caps on the water. Half way between St Augustine Fl and Jacksonville Beach on the Intercoastal waterway.

Lunch Rocked! Garilc Oysters with Parmesan and Ahi tuna Tacos. I actually ordered Red beans and rice but the fires that came with it weren’t bad.

They have the worlds coolest bathroom… Yeah I know. Weird to bring it up but its “out there” especially if you;re into 70’s/80’s culture!

I had the wrong camera with me but it’s a really good view!

This was in the parking lot. I was insanely jealous!

The place was rocking!

The view from the bulkhead.

Take the coast road home!