Ducati Condor. Ther original Ducati Adventure Bike?

From the for sale ad where I saw he bike. If you’re interested it can be found HERE

Forget the Multistrada here is Ducati’s first adventure bike. Built as a collaboration between the Ducati factory and the Swiss military to construct an all purpose, go anywhere bike. The changes that the Condor folks came up with were unique to this bike alone, too bad Ducati didn’t use any of the changes Condor did on the production singles of the day. For instance they used a spin on oil filter, something no Ducati single ever had. The engine is rubber mounted to the frame and there is also a rubber mounted head steady, the result is that the bike has a smoother ride and feel that the production singles. The brakes are larger diameter on the Condor and the rear wheel has a unique feature allowing the chain and rear sprocket to be kept in place when the rear wheel is removed. The tool kit is very BMW-like with a complete tool roll and tire pump, the saddlebags are removable and water resistant (not waterproof though) and, at least to me, the best feature on the bike is the dual rifle holders. No more tail gaiters for you!

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